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💋Addicted To You💋

[More Than A One Night Stand🍆💦]


By: Kamara B. Blake


#Season_2: Chapter Seventeen😘


💦Williams Paige💦

I watched as Chloe rushed into the ward room pushing those nurses out of the way, I glanced at Lucas expecting him to go calm her down. 

But he had folded his arms and shut his eyes, probably asleep. Maybe I should rest for a few minutes too. 

I closed my eyes and then immediately, an infant's cry shattered the silence making me jerk awake and jump to my feet. 

"Shit!!". Lucas straightened and rubbed his eyes with the heels of his hands. 

I beamed brightly. "She finally gave birth". 

"Dude, your kid got one hell of a pair of lungs though".

I laugh pushing him aside as I walked into Brianna's ward to see Chloe holding a baby and the female doctor holding another baby.  

Wait. What? Two babies. 

"Congratulations. Mr. Paige". She smiled

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chapters repeating is using up my coins...refund
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What is up with the repeat in the chapters? Please fix the issue. Thx

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