30 -Life Of A Writer

Sia's POV;

I am busily typing away at my computer when I pause to read what I have written so far. I smile at the loving manner in which the male lead of my story confessed his love to the female lead.

I blush heavily for her and give a warm smile at how happy she is going to be. I dump my back against the backrest of the chair I'm on, as I look outside my window. Just then, two people, I presume to be a couple, walk by, holding hands.

I'm staring from my room's window, which is upstairs. So, they don't know that someone is spying on them from above. I watch the lady laugh at the things the man is saying, and I smile again.

"Isn't it funny? "I question my ginger cat, as I stare back at my computer. It is funny... It's funny how in all my books... Most of them actually, I make my characters find love and find the ones who will spend and share their happily ever after forever with them.

Whereas, I, the writer have never felt the love of someone

Aider Kwin

Everything works with time. Delay is not denial. Have hope. If it's meant for you, it will come to you. Keep working, keep praying, have faith, and never lose hope. You'd get it somedayūüėėūü§ć

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