41 -Lucía & Achara

Third Person's Narrative;

Alex gets back from work and makes it into her living room, and when she turns around after shutting the door, her sight is greeted by her mother's beautiful self all dressed up and ready to go somewhere.

"Going somewhere? "She questions her mom.

"Oh, no. I just put these clothes on to stroll about the house cause I had nothing better to do. "Her mom replies sarcastically and she rolls her eyes.

"Of course, I'm going out. "Her mom adds, and she assesses her mother's flawless appearance. The woman still looks evergreen despite her age.

The black top, blue pair of jeans, and golf shoes she's wearing give her a youthful blast.

" Where to? "She questions, and her mom smiles.

"Who's the mom here? "

"it's not like that mom, I just need to know where you're going for safety's sake, and peace of mind. "

Aider Kwin

So, looks like Achara is Ava's mom. Wonder what she's gonna do if she finds out her daughter is the home wrecker😅 Aider loves ya. Thanks for your support 💕

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Damn, what a surprise!!! I can't wait to read how this goes.

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