STBS: chap 51


I zoomed out of the building and drove down the busy road of the city, heading to the hospital, partly irritated by the papz. My phone rang and I slowed down a bit before plugging the earphones into me. I swiped the answer button and Astra's face immediately flashed on the screen.

"Hey there, doofus. Did the paparazzi caught you?" She greeted, centering her cute on the screen. She was chewing loudly and I could see the pale gum in her mouth. I chuckled quietly and shook my head.

"Nope. I'm good. I got us some chicken from Nandos."

"Oh!" She chirped. "Great. I was browsing on Netflix today for a good movie."

I grinned widely and playfully wiggled my eyebrows to her. "Movie night? We should call for some pop corns."

"Right?! Wait, I think they're selling pop corns in the cafeteria."

"Alright. I'll drop by there before heading upstairs."

"Thanks! See you in a bit. Drive safely, dumbass!"

"Thanks, dummy, I will!"

The facetime ended after that. I focused back on driving and arrived
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