STBS: chap 93


The conference room was empty when we arrived in the floor. We went inside and sat in silence before Michelle stood up to finally say her farewell.

"Do you need anything? Perhaps I can bring you something to drink while waiting for the old hags to arrive?"

I stifled my laughter before nodding my head. "Indeed. I'd love some soda right now."

She smiled at me before finally leaving me alone in silence inside the meeting room. I looked around the place and sighed reminiscing the times where I used to sit here before to discuss the positivity of my career with the executives. The huge glass-made walls of this room and the neighboring buildings surrounding us were a witness to that.

Now, it is time to say goodbye to everything. I sighed deeply and shifted anxiously on my seat when I heard the door creaked open. A sigh of relief escaped my lips when I saw Matt walked in, and behind him was Michelle carrying two cans of orange soda. Matteo glared at me before taking the seat beside m
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