Chapter 55

The atmosphere slowly returned to normal, and the heat and pressure had disappeared.

Emma's gaze was somewhat surprised as she swept across Archie's indifferent and cold face. She held her breath, "You are anxious to have children with me because you want to use the child as an excuse to suppress these doubts and objections?"

Archie looked over with a deep gaze and blocked her line of sight. He nodded noncommittally. "That's right. That's what I meant."

Emma's breathing became more rapid. She was even a little annoyed. "I can only bear with it if I make a chess piece for you. You can't push our child out to be a chess piece."

Archie restrained his brows, and his gaze became even more profound and unfathomable. It was like a vortex that would suck people in.

Emma subconsciously felt a little uneasy. She tightly held onto her lower lip and stubbornly said: "Could it be that what I said is wrong? You want to use our child as a shield."

"Since i

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