Chapter 102

Emma knew that Archie was like a hungry wolf in bed, but she really couldn't take it if he kept torturing her for two hours.

Archie, on the other hand, felt very satisfied. The tiredness her body made him want to hug her and sleep like that. He did not want to move at all.

The night passed. It was not known if it was because she was too tired, but Emma slept very peacefully and did not have any terrifying nightmares.

In the past, she often dreamed that her parents did not want her and that her grandmother left on that rainy night. She dreamed that she would be played and bullied by Emily and the others. But now, being hugged by Archie, she did not have any messy dreams anymore.

The warmth in his arms had already made her addicted. She was really afraid that if she lost his warmth in the future, she would not feel safe again.

Early in the morning, Archie, who had always been up early, was still lying beside her. She did not know how long he had woke

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Jeanette Howard
Very enjoyable story. I hope Emma and Archie don't end up in usual storyline of evil schemes causing a break up. It would be great if one story had a strong love enduring everything. That would be satisfying.

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