Chapter 208

Emma had never thought that Emily, who was as proud as a peacock, would actually ask for her help. She still used this kind of submissive tone.

"Yes, I beg you to put in a good word for my mother and tell Grandfather not to force her to divorce my father." In Emily's eyes, There was sadness and anxiety in her eyes.

Emma's brows slightly knitted. "Why should I help you? Besides, You saw that day, your mother laid glass slag on the floor and hurt me. Was what I said a lie?"

Emily was unable to refute. Actually, after she quarreled with Emma in the living room that day, she also went upstairs. When she saw the bloodstains on the floor, she was somewhat shocked.

"My mother did indeed injure you, but she already knows that she was wrong. In any case, you are a member of the Quinsley Family, even though you have now become the daughter of the Vice President. Please don't let the Quinsley Family disperse just because my parents have raised you for so many years,

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