Chapter 227

After watching Archie leave the house, Emma weakly leaned against the wall.

Luckily, Archie did not force her to do anything and helped her make the decision.

In fact, she knew that Archie was stuck in the middle, and he was also very helpless. On one side was his grandfather, who was close to him, and on the other side was the woman he loved deeply.

No matter which side he chose, it meant pain to Archie.

Emma did not want him to suffer. So let her make this decision.

As long as she knew Archie wouldn't really forget about her, she could slowly wait.

In the future, she might really learn to live alone.

She couldn't go back to the Quinsley Family, the Sandford Family, and Archie.

She had completely become a loner.

Emma closed her eyes and felt that fate was playing tricks on her, but she would never be defeated.

She would only become braver and braver with each setback. Whether it was her career or love, she hoped

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