Everyone is wishing him, like he is some sort of celebrity or  this restaurant owner. 

I'm watching the man to tily his head so that I can see his face. Right now he is talking with one of the restaurant member. 

The waiter came holding a sheet of bill, Amanda take out her office ID to the man,  the waiter made a polite gesture to show her card to the manager of this restaurant since they cannot accept bill payment discounts from anyone of the people since the manager can only have rights to accept that.

" Ok then you guys probably changed this restaurant rules, Ok fine I'll go to the manager chamber, can you tell me where it is located " Amanda asked the waiter . 

" Mam, the manager chamber is the 3rd floor, there is a room with the manager name board is there to the right of this  stairs " 

" Ok, fine " Amanda said. 

" Hey do you need to come with me " I asked her when she is ready to go the manager chamber. 

" Yep sure, if you wanna come with me "

" Yes I'll with you Amanda " And why the hell I'll leave you only there. It's better to show up the manager that we only two came to eat in this restaurant. 

With those words, we take the lift and went to 3rd floor. There is a room holding name board of " The manager chamber " . There is an electronic gadget to ring the bell, we did. 

And we welcomed by a had some manager, like who is roughly 29 years or 30 years maybe. 

He looks at us and we introduced ourselves, Amanda take out her office ID and showed to the manager telling that their office workers have some discounts and the waiter said that they had to show their office ID card to the manager. 

The manager take the ID card from Amanda's and started checking the details of the card number in his laptop. 

I just remember that I actually forgot my mobile phone on the table in the ground floor of this restaurant. So I went out there immediately to take my phone from the table. 

I started to walk fast.. Cause that is the phone which some of my writings and resumes are kept in that. If I lost my phone I'm sure I'll lost some of my most important writings. 

So I started to take the lift and press it to the ground floor and I went to the ground floor and saw that my phone is the same place as it was and thank god I didn't miss that . 

I take my phone and started to go to the upstairs just as k was about to go to the lift, I accidentally bump into a man...!! 

I don't know whom that man was, I bump into him and my head was thumped into his hard muscular chest. 

I'm sure he was a 6 tall guy with his chest like a hard rock core. I slowly lift off my head and come face to face with that Lamborghini man. I wonder why my destiny is always connected to face him. I had an argument sorry it's not an argument but it's a fight, like a heated argument with this man, but due to my insane like destiny  I happened to meet this man again. 

He is watching me with a  hint of amusement and surprising and also a kind of anger on his face. But I'm wondering how can a man show this many kind of expressions on a single face. I guess if he tried for an actor job I'm sure he will nailed it the Oscar award without any competition. 

His face slowly turning to a little smirk like he is challenging me to do more fun or it's a threatening I can't sure clearly. 

 My face is colourless and excited at the same time... Cause he is way too handsome. Dumber me I had to remember that I had to keep in mind to not to remember his looks. 

I'm mesmerized by his beauty cause he is way too amazing, especially those hazel eyes with a hint of blue they are making me immersed in his eyes and makes me want to swim in those ocean deep eyes. They are like holding more secrets and  much more Emotions. 

Even though I convinced myself to not to elaborate his Beautiness but I can't help myself to not to describe his Beautiness. 

" Well, if you can stop staring at me... I'll use the lift " He said with a seriousness face or scowl face. I can't decipher clearly. 

" Well, of course I'm not staring at you " I said to him while giving him space to the door of his lift. 

" And by the way sorry I bumped into you, accidentally " I said to him with my most casual way. 

He is looking at me for almost like thirty seconds and said " Oh, do you say sorry also " He said to me in an unbelievable way. 

The bachelor son of a **** , uff ok i don't use those words but I'm getting really due to his nasty and arrogant behavior. 

I said sorry to him, without saying it's ok or it's fine, he is intentionally mocking me to get more angry and making me a angry devil right here . 

So I surpressed my anger and came to a cool posture saying " Do you guys have this in some books, that if a person said sorry for their mistake, you guys should mock them or make them getting angry or try to get then insult " 

I said to him while keeping my face in a most innocent way as possible and keeping my tone as it is most casual. 

I think he got some angry,  " I just said causally that you say sorry  as a casual thing" . He said  to me with a most serious tone as possible. 

" Yeah , actually we say sorry when we made a mistake, we don't get angry or showing arrogance on people especially on the road side by intimidating them with a big voice " I said to him again I'm making a cool and composed voice with the most beautiful innocent face on earth. 

I think those words hit him, after that his face becomes a scowl and his expressions are changed to an angry ones. 

 I like this mocking this guy, actually provacating him gives me some kind of satisfaction I guess. So I made a swift move to go to the lift. But when I was about to take the lift door and press the buttons, I was dragged by a man with this strong muscular arms. 

Yeah, that disgusting no no not disgusting, but that arrogant Lamborghini man dragging me to somewhere with a single arm around my hand and a single hand around my throat. 

His hand is strong enough to squeeze my throat right here. I made many attempts to come out of his grip, but all are tend to go to vain. Damn, why the hell he has to be stronger this much. I'm literally trying hard to get out of his hold but those went vain of course. 

He dragged me and yanked me to the middle of a room. I can't understand whats happening.

He locked the room door and said to me with utmost anger in his voice that " Do you think you are the bravest girl by mocking me " 

I don't know what to respond but I'm intimidated by his behavior. So I became quiet. 

" Do you know whom I'm, what I do, " 

He asked me with a straight pin point face , In inside Iam screaming under my lungs cause I'm too afariad but on the outside I show no fear , so I regained my confidence a bit and said to him  " How would I know anyone about what they work , that's not my business " 

I said to him with the most casual and a bit of fearful tone in a low voice. 

" I see, that's why you dared to say against me " He said with a low voice. 

" I'm sure if you had know me you won't talk to me like that " He said with a hopeful expression.

Why the hell, he thinks that he is like a Superman " Even if I know who you are, I would have asked you in the same way, mostly depends on your behavior " I said with a low voice. 

He is intimidating  way too intimidating. 

" Don't you want to know who am I " 

He asked me with a low and husky voice.

What the hell with this man, is he the prime minister of England or Europe or Australia, what the hell he is praising about. 

" Oh, tell me then, I dunno " I said to him while making my hands in a surrender way. " But before that why did you drage me into this room, it's wrong, it's totally wrong. I know you are strong but you don't need to drage people to know about you " . I said to him with my voice a bit higher this time. 

Just as he was about to speak my phone is ringing. 


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