15. Birthday Celebration (2)

"Would you do me the honor of being your life companion, Lady Verena Zielle?"

I stared into his sincere eyes, and his voice was so loud and clear that it drew the attention of the other aristocrats.

I could even sense my family's bewilderment at this unexpected event.

(If only I could live a life like this...)

I smiled at him as I nodded my head in delight.

(Imagine how different my life would be?)

"Of course, Your Highness Azazel, although your abrupt proposal has taken me by surprise, I couldn't be happier."

I stretched my hand to him, and he delicately placed the simple diamond ring on my ring finger, his expression thoughtful.

"Oh, my~ I couldn't believe what I'm seeing."

"Does this imply that the Dukedom of Zielle supports the second prince?"

"Look at how romantic his highness was~ They are such a perfect match made in heaven."

"I couldn't believe I'm about to occur something that might shake the whole

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