Chapter 3

Kayla Michaelson

"Your book your highness" Andrew put the brand new book on my table and my eyes widened. I smiled widely seeing the book and damn.. I will take care of you and you will never break again.

"Carlie.. hello" I slowly looked up to see Andrew raising his eyebrows giving me a you-know-what-this-means look.

"What? It's Carla, are you really that dumb?" I asked as he sat on the chair in front of me, he looked at me with his beautiful hazel brown eyes.. Damn Aaron Samuel's genes are just amazing.

"Tutor me after school" I don't have any other choice than to agree to that.

"The cafe in front of school" I said, moving my eyes to the book and smiling like an idiot.

"Do you really like that book so much?" He asked and I nodded without turning to him.

"How about your house?" I looked up to him as fast as a lightning bolt.

"No" I shook my head.

"I can't study at that cafe.. it has music blasting so loud and you're expecting me to study there?" Oh gosh right! Where then?

"Any ideas?" I asked.

"My house is the last option, I won't do anything with you chill. You're plain, ugly and I won't even touch you" Well that hurt my feelings.. I sighed.

"Please don't.. your parents a-"

"They're working all day except the weekend and I won't be receiving a tutor from you on weekend" I suddenly remembered that my uncle has a cafe on a rooftop. We can study there because it's a quiet café.

"Do you know the rooftop cafe?" I asked looking at him.

"Yeah why?"

"Let's go there to study" He face palmed himself and sighed big time.

"Why are you so difficult?"

"Do you want a tutor or not? You have to do it my way not yours" He looked at me with disbelief

"I didn't know you have a feisty side, are you really a nerd? Or are you pretending to be one Carla?" I gulped nervously and looked away from his eyes.

"At last you remember my name"

"3 o'clock at the Rooftop Cafe" He said, then he got up from the chair facing me, I nodded. He walked away and I sighed.

Andrew really kept his words about people not bothering me. No one bothered me for the rest of the day and I'm really thankful about it so I have to tutor him. Today I don't have any schedules but tomorrow I have. Damn it!

How am I going to tell Andrew? I don't want Andrew to know my secret. I want him to be the last one to know the fact that I'm Kayla Michaelson. I don't like Andrew one bit.. he's too cocky, controlling and annoying. He might be hot from head to toe but I don't like his attitude.

"Kayla" My uncle hugged me briefly.

"Hey" I smiled.

"What brings you here?"

"I'm going to tutor my friend, he'll come here. Call me Carla okay when he's here" I reminded him and he gave me a thumbs up. I looked at the weather outside and since it was beautiful and nice, I decided to sit outside.

Suddenly my phone rang.. it was Anastasia.

"Hey Kayla!!" Stacy is my best friend and she's an actress. We have been friends for a long time because my dad and her dad are music producers.

"Hey Stacy.. What's up?"

"I miss you, let's hangout" She said in a sad tone.

"When? I have work tomorrow"

"This weekend?" She asked.

"What do you have in mind?" I asked and at the same time Andrew appeared. He pulled the seat beside me and looked at me weirdly.

"Shopping.. or watching movies together"

"We can do that.. Let's ask Viola to join us" I said and looked at Andrew who was currently taking out his book.

"Of course Kayla, it's a must. So are you up for it or not?"

"Of course I'm up for it"

"We have a plan tomorrow but since you can't.."

"What do you have in mind for tomorrow?" I asked as I took out my book too.

"Spa day" Shit! She's annoying now..

"F*ck you Stacy"

"Wow the nerd curses" I turned to Andrew who was smirking at me, I glared at him.

"Who is that?" Stacy asked.

"No one.. Random guy" I answered and Andrew looked at me in disbelief. Okay I need to stop this conversation.

"Bye Stac, I'll call you again tonight" I said and ended the call before she got to say anything.

"You really are something.. you curse and call me a random guy. So you've went out with tons of guys until you called me a random guy?"

"Shut up and let's study," I said.

"You know.. you make me curious" I raised my eyebrows as he looked into my eyes.

"Why did you sit here?" I asked because he sat literally beside me not across me. It's uncomfortable when our skin touches randomly.

"Why? Are you nervous?"

"Look Andrew, not every girl likes you. Just because you're Aaron and Sophia Samuel's son and the fact that you good looking doesn't mak-"

"So you think I'm good looking?" He smirked.

"That's the truth but you have a really bad attitude, you're annoying and not to mention that you're too cocky. How unlucky the girl who will end up with you, will be" I said not caring if my words hurt him.

"The girl who will be with me, will be lucky Carla, they get this package and money to buy anything they like" I rolled my eyes as he gestured to his face.

"It's a curse to be with you though.. disgusting" I hissed and started opening my book.

"You hurt my heart Carla.. but one day you will fall on your knees begging my love" I scoffed in disbelief.. I won't beg him for love. That won't happen.

"Not me but you Andrew, you will fall for me until you can't handle it anymore" I said and he laughed.

"Me fall for you? I don't go for ugly and plain girls" He was still laughing and I smirked.

"You never know Andrew Samuel.. you'll never know"

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