Billionaire Love Story Children Series

Billionaire Love Story Children Series

By:  beyondlocks  Ongoing
Language: English
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BLSC series is the continuation of Billionaire Love Story Series. This series contains of 15 books/stories the children of The 7 Gold Lifes. All the books are stand alone of all the children from The 7 Gold Lifes. BLSC #1: The Undercover Model BLSC #2: His Secret Admirer BLSC #3: Capturing The Locason BLSC #4: The Thief to His Heart BLSC #5: Dangerous Attraction BLSC #6: Runaway Princess BLSC #7: A Night To Remember BLSC #8: Her Black Knight BLSC #9: His Cold Heart BLSC #10: His Bid On Her BLSC #11: Billionaire's Girl BLSC #12: Billionaire's Trouble BLSC #13: Fall For Dylan Lemiere BLSC #14: Love Spell BLSC #15: The Dark Romance

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Can i know which chapter about Kyle story?? Son of Serena and Caleb??
2023-06-22 10:45:14
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A lot of grammar mistakes. But overall very nice book
2023-05-13 04:19:54
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Bella Jersey
Have to give some major props to author. There is a car race going on as I’m reading this race I’m crossing my fingers. If I’m reading a race and you can make cross my fingers hoping they win. BRAVO BRAVO TO YOU
2022-12-10 18:01:36
user avatar
Karen Edelen
These stories were so good. I read both series. I couldn't put them down. I cant wait to read more of the stories that you have listed.
2022-12-04 08:52:44
default avatar
I love suspense and detective stories.i just hope I won't be disappointed
2022-08-20 21:53:03
user avatar
Trtuu Edgcgm
I love it !
2022-01-29 23:10:49
user avatar
Skihbdty Hvd3yj
I really loved the stories so much! heck..I read it all in a day and half nonstop: -) and I can't get enough of the 7 gold life both parents and children...
2022-01-29 03:51:09
user avatar
sarah Rempelbauer
I love your books so much. I hope you could write more about them. The 7 Gold Life are the best.
2022-01-22 23:05:40
user avatar
Guf7txtxvj Stdygi
love it! :)
2022-01-22 05:41:56
default avatar
Lizeth Perez
Awesome couldn’t stop reading I loved it
2022-01-01 03:17:56
user avatar
Ybhor Zurc Aled Torres
yes nice story
2021-09-11 19:21:57
user avatar
J F.
amazing story. Hope you can check out my book 'Baby, You Are Mine.' too.. Thank you.
2021-08-22 08:06:34
user avatar
Pricy belle
Nice keep it going .........
2022-04-13 23:44:24
489 Chapters
BLSC #1: The Undercover Model - Chapter 1
Kayla Michaelson Wiping my sweat I sat on the floor of my porch. I looked up at the sky and it was still dark. Taking out my phone, to check the time, it was 4.30 in the morning. If you think that I'm a morning person.. well you're wrong. I workout everyday at 4, I run around my neighbourhood for 30 minutes and after this I work my muscle for 30 minutes. After 1 hour in the morning of working out, I sleep again until 6.30 when it's to go to school. Perks of being a Victoria Secret model, you have to be fit all the time and exercise your body everyday. Don't forget to eat healthy and to keep your body in shape. I'm 17 but I'm already an Angel, call me lucky because it's my dream since when I was a kid. I've worked hard to get that by mantaining my body and auditioning fo
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Chapter 2
Kayla MichaelsonAt school I don't have friends to chat too, so I'm always alone when it's break time. I always sit under the tree near the soccer field and read a book every break.I'm on the last chapter and I can't wait to read a new book tomorrow. Yes.. I'm a romance novel freak. They're beautiful and never make me bored in anyway. Too bad there won't be such a thing as a romance love story in real life. For me it's too cliché and too fake to be in reality but I love to read them.. don't judge me!"Aaaaaa!" Someone poured cold water on me causing my book to get ruined and myself to get drenched. I looked up and found Andrew smirking whilst holding a big bucket of water."Andrew!" I hissed and now I'm panicking about my wig."Oh sorry ne
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Chapter 3
Kayla Michaelson"Your book your highness" Andrew put the brand new book on my table and my eyes widened. I smiled widely seeing the book and damn.. I will take care of you and you will never break again."Carlie.. hello" I slowly looked up to see Andrew raising his eyebrows giving me a you-know-what-this-means look."What? It's Carla, are you really that dumb?" I asked as he sat on the chair in front of me, he looked at me with his beautiful hazel brown eyes.. Damn Aaron Samuel's genes are just amazing."Tutor me after school" I don't have any other choice than to agree to that."The cafe in front of school" I said, moving my eyes to the book and smiling like an idiot."Do you really like that book so
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Chapter 4
Kayla Michaelson"That's a wrap, beautiful" I smiled widely and hugged Oliver, my photographer for today. I walked to the dressing room and changed into my casual clothes."Your phone kept vibrating for the last hour" Vivian my manager said and I took my phone.Andrew; 20 missed calls and 37 messagesHe called again suddenly and I picked it up right away.. It was a bad idea to give my phone number to him."Where are you?" He bursted and I put my phone away from my ear ."Uhmm outside the school""You're ditching? Wow""No I'm not ditching, I have something to do with my parents" I said and sighed big time. I hat
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Chapter 5
Kayla Michaelson"Kayla please look here" Today is the launching of the Veloce brand and we as Victoria Secret's angels are invited. This is so exciting.I walked in to the ballroom and immediately saw Nereina who is a VS Angel too. I hugged her and we mingled in with the others inside the ballroom. It's really fun to hangout with people who have the same job as you.. it's like we connect to each other 2 times more than others.I walked to the side to take a drink when suddenly my eyes landed on Andrew Samuel. My eyes widen as he walks towards my place with Matthew Lemiere. Oh damn world..I turned my body and drank my cold water slowly ."Yeah let's play that instead of football" I heard his voice beside me.. oh damn it he stood beside me
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Chapter 6
Kayla Michaelson"One more Kayla!" My trainer said and I squatted one more time and I was done. I took my drink and I had to squat with lots of weights but I have to do it."See you on Monday okay?" Terry said and I nodded."Thanks Ter" I gave him a high five and he patted my arm lightly."Go rest" He said and I walked to the sofa to let my sweat fall first. Taking my phone, I saw a message from Andrew on my Instagram DM. I quickly opened itAndrew : Metlife Stadium , the concert starts at 7. Let's hangout first before thatWhy is my heart betraying me right now? Why am I so nervous to meet him when I meet almost everyday at school not to mention I tutor him? I mean I tutored him since last week but still.. this is weird
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Chapter 7
Kayla Michaelson"I hate chocolate," Andrew said and I looked at him in disbelief."What? You hate chocolate?""Yeah.. I have an allergy to it"Yes.. We're currently skyping through our laptop, don't ask me why. He messages me a lot and he knows that I've already seen the messages that he sends and it's annoying that he keeps calling me."Thanks for telling me because I can use that against you" I smirked and he laughed."Gorgeous, you can't kill me that easy" He said , I'm currently laying on my bed and Andrew is currently reading something."Well that sucks to have a chocolate allergy, anything chocolate related is always the best you know" I said.
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Chapter 8
Kayla Michaelson"You're 10 minutes late" Andrew said coldly and I sighed."It's hard to find your house""I messaged you the easiest way to get to my house" He said as he walked up. I followed him walking up stairs, he walked into one of the rooms."Let me take a shower first" I looked at him in disbelief as he said that, I found myself nodding. He walked out from the room and I started to look around. I envy him.. he has his own study room.I sat on the chair and started to rest my head on the table.. I was still tired. I didn't know until he stayed up to last night because I fell asleep as soon as I closed my eyes fully."Carla" I opened my eyes and quickly got myself up.
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Chapter 9
Kayla MichaelsonLooking myself at the mirror one last time, I checked myself. Today I'm wearing black tight jeans with my leather boots and a white tee, I tug the front side of it into my jeans. I let my hair down today and wore simple makeup.Andrew asked me to meet up in front of Starbucks at 3, yes we decided to meet at 3 not 4. I walked to Starbucks and saw him there. I looked at his clothes and then mine, oh shit! People will think that we're a couple or something.He wore a white tee with a green army shirt and he wore black jeans too. You know what I mean right?"Hey" I walked to him and he smiled widely."Hey.." He looked at me and then himself again just like I did earlier."We're accidently
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Chapter 10
Kayla Michaelson"I love it!!" It's a small shop that sells teddy bears from all sizes, damn I want to take them all home."See I told you, you'll love it" Oh my gosh.. I hugged the biggest teddy bear inside that shop. It's so soft and damn it's so huggable."Let me take a picture of you and it" He said, taking out his phone, I hugged the bear and smiled at his phone camera."Did it come out good?" I asked as I walked to him to look at the photos. I smiled as I scrolled through his phone."So cute""Do you like this place?" He asked and I nodded."I love it" I looked around and my eyes stopped as I saw the clock. It's already 5.29.
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