Chapter 17

“Arghhhh!!!!!!!” Kaylan yelled her heart out as tears spills from her eyes and rolls down her cheeks. She waited with her eyes closed for her death. 

Minutes passed but her fear only grew bigger then she felt a lick on her face.

 Her eyes snapped open and got locked with a pair of red glowing eyes.

 With shaky hands, she reached out to Zane’s wolf. He just stared at her and let her pet him, liking the feeling of her fingers running through his fur, he leans closer to her, wanting to mark her as his.

“No, please no!” Kylan cries, thinking the big wolf wanted to kill her.

Alpha Zane’s wolf wasn’t any ordinary wolf. It was huge, almost 5 feet tall, it also possessed thick muscles that looked almost impenetrable. His red eyes made him look deadly and his fangs and claws were very long. He was very powerful and she

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