Chapter 9

Alpha Jasper was in his room, head bowed and his palms on his face, looking so worried. 

The distant voices from outside were getting at his head as he badly needed some quietness, needed some silence. He couldn't ba at peace. 

The witches - they might be there at any moment and no doubt, would be so upset since he didn't have what they wanted yet. He'd made a deal with the witches and in exchange, he was to hand them the Hunter's daughter; but there he was, repeatedly failing at it. He really needed to do something before he gets a bad consequence from the witches. 

Shortly, he heard some footsteps - gentle and depicted her personality. 

The figure walked up from behind, stood behind him and placed her both hands on his shoulders. 

"What troubles my great one?" The serene voice asked softly, it was so soft, it always had a way of piercing into Jasper's soul. 

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