Chapter 15

The large gate opens slowly as we all stare, mouths agape, at the expansive property before us. The beautiful lawn is lit up with sparkling fairy lights in every shrub, tree, or bush. Quaint little lanterns illuminate the path that weaves from side to side in various curves leading up to the main attraction. The massive modern mansion seems to be made of glass framed by opulent trees and a flowering landscape that cascades down each end leading to a lit-up pond filled with overfed fish and lily pads.

Once we pull up beside the pond, the doors are opened for us and Noah’s car is valeted by a young man a few years our senior in a black button-up with gold buttons. We all look at each other, trying to verify this is real life, and Berry chuckles at us as he walks up to the ornate cobblestone bridge that leads to the front door over the pond. He stops at the base of the bridge and turns to face us, bowing in an old English manner.

“Mi Lord and Mi l

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