Chapter 4: The Alleged Suspect

Leo's POV

I gasped at the picture Luca asked me to see. I cannot believe my eyes, are they playing tricks? I looked at him seriously, "Luca, this isn't right. It's impossible that he would do something like this. For God's sake you know what kind of person he is." Luca looks at me with eyes looking so serious.

"You can see it can't you?" He asks me seriously. What in the world is he saying, I can obviously see it. "What the hell are you talking about? Obviously I can Luca. I have eyes if you can't see it" I said to him full of sarcasm. This is ridiculous but I also know this isn't fabricated. Could it be they simply look alike? He sighs and open his mouth to speak again, "I asked my colleagues about the picture and hell they cannot see the face Leo. Only you and I can. You know what these means right?" He says to me while looking into my eyes. Oh no, if others cannot see this person's face then that can only mean one thing. And I think I know what's going on now.

"You can't possibly mean "that thing" right? Have you confirmed with other colleagues of yours?" I asked him to make sure we're not mistaken in any ways. He nods, "Yes, I think its "that thing" and another yes I did confirm with my other colleagues. Everyone can see a blurry face and right now we are looking for potential witnesses who could've seen what happened that night or if they saw the person who did it." He said to me, voice full of exhaustion.

I bury my face right into my palms. This can't be happening. This wasn't supposed to happen. I looked at Luca, "You also realize this can't be possible right? We'll always know if "that thing" is close to us because we'll be able to sense it no matter how hard it tries run or hide." He looks at me, "I think there was a major change. It might be creating hosts for itself or can now pass through people. This can be really tricky, as you said we would've known if that person was one of them and hell it's been years and now that person is a fucking suspect to a crime. We need to look into this, both of us. I can't drag my colleagues into this, they know nothing about this thing we're up against." He says to me and honestly he's right. Normal people cannot fight against this so it's up to us again.

"Luca. we need to do something about this." I said to him. I cannot let this thing rampage and destroy lives again. "But given the changes into this thing, we need more people with us to investigate" Luca looks at me, "You mean you're gonna?" I cut off his words, "Yes, we have to. Call everyone back and tell them we have a situation going on and everyone must be alert and be on the look out in case something changes or happens again. We need to resolve this faster or else we'll end up having many casualties." He says okay and starts messaging everyone to call back and join us in the investigation.

Luca comes back to the living room and says to me that everyone has been informed of the situation and will do their best to come back right. Some may be arriving a week or later on because they're still occupied with what they are respectively doing. I nod and he went to sit at the coach again.

I looked at Luca and share my theory to him, "Given the situation, there are three possible things that are currently happening. One, that thing is copying people's appearance. Two, it can now pass through hosts. And lastly, I hope it's not but it may be capable of turning into a human now. I hope that's not the case. A thing that can change it's appearance and hide it's scent and presence would be too tricky to be dealing with." I said to him hoping that one of those three should be right but I'm also still hoping it won't be the third one.

"I think it would be one of those three theories of yours but if it's not. Then we should start investigating things faster and thoroughly and also, we need to prepare the necessary things to protect ourselves in case something goes wrong while we're out investigating." He says to me in which I agree. "Luca, if this wasn't the same thing in that past then we should also prepare ourselves if we're up against into an entirely new thing or an evolved version of it. For now we should try to do what we can and search for that person. We'll leave later on tonight so you should prepare the stuff you'll need, I'll be bringing some food in case we need to sleep outside or we'll be taking too much time out. " I said to him and he agrees. He went upstairs and starts preparing the necessities while I headed straight into his kitchen and start cooking food for us to eat later.

I've finished cooking and I even packed it into lunchboxes and placed it inside of our bags. Luca went down and settled the things at the table. We informed everyone that Luca and I will be searching for that person to know what happened. If we can't find that person then we'll be going to back track what that person did the past week or months to see if we ever get a hit on where it first happen or appear. We sat on the couch and began counting down till 10pm. Because it would be easier for those things to be out late at night and possibly looking for a suitable host. It was only 6pm so we still had plenty of time. So I decided to nap for a while and set an alarm while Luca said he was gonna be upstairs to look for more clues about that person.

To be continued

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