Irreversible Fate

Irreversible Fate

By:  Nadine_Britania  Ongoing
Language: English
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In the modern era, a man aims to fulfill a promise that was made thousand of years ago. Wandering around the world to find the said person, will he be able to fulfill the said promise or would fate get in the way?

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such a good start! keep going author. i am wondering, is there any social media to discuss your story further?
2021-07-23 14:59:05
16 Chapters
Prologue: A Memory From The Past
It was a cold night at the mansion. There stood a man who was strongly yearning for something from the distant past. He looked over the horizon, gazing at the night sky that enveloped the world with glimmering stars. It was a truly fascinating sight for him. He never got bored of it, no matter what happened.   While gazing upon the night sky, he is deeply reminded of a promise made in the distant past. This promise is significant to him, especially it is somehow related to him, but the reason is unclear as he never said it to anyone. He took a ring out in his pocket and said, "wait for me, I'll definitely fulfill it for you. No matter how long it takes or how hard it is. Your wish is something that should come true."   His eyes are filled with so much passion and determination to keep the said promise to that person. From thinking too much, he fell asleep and dreamed how everything began.   Flashback  
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Chapter 1: His Identity
Flashback ends The man finally woke up and realized it was already 5 in the morning. He rubbed his eyes and stretched his body because it was aching caused by his irregular sleeping position. He suddenly remembered his dream again. He wondered why he would even dream about it. All he remembered was the girl was about to say something to "Ciel" then it was cut off. He yawned then shooked the thoughts away as he had more things to be worrying about.       He stood up from the bed and closed the sliding window which he forgot to close last night. He was thinking of too much stuff that he forgot and ended up sleeping earlier than he actually expected. He went near the drawers and took a towel and bathrobe then went to the shower to take a bath. After finishing his bath, he brushed his teeth first before heading down to the kitchen to cook something for breakfast.       He made a simple
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Chapter 2: At The Company
Leo's POV After driving for a good 1 hour and 30 mins he finally arrived at the company. He drove his car right at the main entrance of the building and some people were waiting at the main entrance. He stopped his car and took his car keys then stepped out of the vehicle. When he shut the door, a valet approached him. The valet bowed a bit to him and then greeted him good morning. He sent a simple nod towards him and handed the keys as the valet would park it to the VIP parking space reserved for him.   The staff who were waiting at the main entrance shifted their focus on to him. They greeted him good morning and bowed to him a bit. He sent them a short nod and then proceeded to enter the company building. When he got in, his secretary went to greet him at the entrance. He was quite confused because usually it's supposed to be his P.A who should be greeting him and say his schedules.  
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Chapter 3: Meeting The Friend
Leo's POV   After a few hours of working, I'm finally done doing all of today's workload. What's left is to just double check the reports and outputs sent by all departments. I still have some papers waiting for approval given to me by the PR Department but it can wait as there are still plenty of time before creating another project within the company. It's quite easy for me to just scan through those materials later on because for now there is a matter which requires my attention and presence.     I don't know what Luca wants me to know or do with whatever he wants to say. But from the way he spoke to me earlier, I guess something happened with his work. I know it's about work because that's all what he ever does. He's quite workaholic and his life literally just revolves around it. He doesn't really care about bonding or making connection with other people unless he got comfortable at first talk or he needs it for his job.
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Chapter 4: The Alleged Suspect
Leo's POV   I gasped at the picture Luca asked me to see. I cannot believe my eyes, are they playing tricks? I looked at him seriously, "Luca, this isn't right. It's impossible that he would do something like this. For God's sake you know what kind of person he is." Luca looks at me with eyes looking so serious.     "You can see it can't you?" He asks me seriously. What in the world is he saying, I can obviously see it. "What the hell are you talking about? Obviously I can Luca. I have eyes if you can't see it" I said to him full of sarcasm. This is ridiculous but I also know this isn't fabricated. Could it be they simply look alike? He sighs and open his mouth to speak again, "I asked my colleagues about the picture and hell they cannot see the face Leo. Only you and I can. You know what these means right?" He says to me while looking into my eyes. Oh no, if others cannot see this person's face then that can only mean one thing
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Chapter 5: The Investigation Part 1
Luca's POV   I woke up at the sound of my phone constantly buzzing for a good few minutes now. At first, I tried not to mind it but it's quite irritating to hear as seconds continue to pass by. I sat up and glanced at my phone which was still buzzing and I groaned silently because I was pissed. I took the phone to the nightstand then checked why it kept buzzing.      The group chat was flooded with messages from our other friends who were busy monitoring the status on their side. Most of them mentioned me and Leo, asking about our current status and whether there is a new development from our investigation. I sighed again at the thought of the problem we are facing. I decided to reply so that they can stop flooding the chats.   **CHAT**   Me: Hey guys, I know you all have tons of questions but there's hardly anything I can tell you right now. We haven't investigated
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Chapter 6: The Investigation Part 2
Leo's POV   We held our flashlights as we stood in the dark living room in silence. We didn't say anything when we got inside because we wanted to observe the surrounding of the house. A few minutes have passed and it was nothing but absolute silence. I motioned Luca using my flashlight to wear the gloves for the hands and shoes to start going through around the house to look for anything that might help us know the answers we seek.        We erased our footprints from when we walked in first and wiped the handprints left at the door. Then walked around the living room, checking the table and tv set if there was anything noteworthy, but we only found a key so far. "Luca", I called out to him as soon as I picked up the key. He went close to me and took a closer look at the key. I handed it to him and said, "Luca scan this key. It might be useful later on. We don't know what's it for but we most definitely cannot
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Chapter 7: The Investigation Part 3 The Files
Luca's POV     I quietly entered their bedroom and carefully shut the door behind me. I flashed my light around but didn't see anything in particular. I saw a mini drawer near the bedside. I walked towards it and kneeled one leg to take a closer look at it. I opened the first drawer on top and found a diary inside with a few handwritten letters. I took all of the things out and scanned through the letters first.        Most of the letters were written by him to his wife. Probably a way of showing his love and adoration for his wife and family. Two letters, in particular, caught my eye. The first letter had a black envelope with a gold color wax as a seal. The seal was an oddly familiar flower, but I can't seem to remember where I've seen it before. I took a picture of both letters for evidence so that I could show it to Leo.        I glanced at th
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Chapter 8: Tai's Whereabouts
Leo's POV   Andrea sent me the address shortly after the call. After driving for a good 30 mins, we finally arrived at the hospital. We parked the car near the entrance. Then stepped out of the car and went towards the door where we saw Andrea standing near the nurse station. I called her, and she looked at it me. She greeted me and Luca then I asked her why she called me here.    She took a deep breath and said Tai was finally found. "Then why did you call me here if he was finally found? Where is he?" "That sir Leo, please come with me." Andrea started to walk towards the emergency room, and we followed her there. We stopped outside the ICU, where I saw many patients but what surprised me was that Tai was there.    Andrea looks at me, "He was brought here by a group of hikers. They said they found him up at the mountain.". The doctor comes out and greets Andrea. "How is he doing, Doctor? Is it bad?" The docto
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Chapter 9: Starting the Interrogation
Luca's POV I was standing in front of the nurse station to ask the Doctors and nurses what happened to Tai Hudson. That's when I noticed Celia Hudson was walking towards me. I looked at her and asked did she needed something. She shooked her and told me that Leo had gone to the cafeteria to buy and told her to stay with me. Well, I guess that would be safer. We still don't know what's going on anyway.  She then went in front of the nurse station to ask Dr. Neil about her husband's condition. "We have paged Dr. Neil, but I'm afraid the surgery might take too long because it's quite a delicate one. I suggest that you stay in a private room, once your husband stabilizes we'll be taking him there. The hospital is quite big, so you wouldn't have to worry if you might bother other patients. We'll prepare the room for you, Mrs. Hudson." The nurse politely said to her with a smile.  She shooked her head
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