8: Silver Linings

Ceanna woke up on the first day of school after winter break as reluctantly as she did every other day. It was another day to get up and go back to her life as a quiet nobody who made no significant impact in the world.

She wondered as soon as that morose thought crossed her head if her mother would have interrupted her and said something affirming. It was something she wondered often, as she went about life- what it felt like to have the telepathic connection with one’s own kin. She’d heard her friends and other people talk about how annoying it was, but because she’d never truly experienced it, it was something she longed for.

Throwing back the covers, Ceanna nearly knocked the picture of her family off her nightstand and immediately the guilt crept in. It was almost as if the Moon Goddess heard her moping and decided to remind her of what she had.

Mama and Daddy Daley did their best to make her feel wanted, loved and fully accepted. When they had taken her

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