25: Heart to Heart

Oblivious of what was taking place in the boy’s session, the girls sitting in the theater hung on every word the queen shared with them. Her voice resonated across the room without a microphone as she single-handedly held the room captive with her words.

Kaliah Hamadi was a tall, willowy woman with golden brown skin and long curly hair. It wasn’t just her position in the hierarchy that made her so easy to listen to; her voice was like a clear flute note- so pleasing to the ear that several girls across the hall had smiles on their faces as they leaned into the wisdom of their leader.

Next to Ceanna, Nancy nodded emphatically when the queen asked them if they were excited to be discovering who their mates were. When the time came for a few girls to share what their pairing experiences had been like, Nancy whispered to the girls around her.

“I could watch her all day, she’s so amazing.”

They all agreed.

“She looks so beautiful and sure of herself.” Pause. “I can’t imagine her being
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