Lines Crossed For Love

Lines Crossed For Love

By:  Samantha Newburg  Ongoing
Language: English
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Keion is not an awkward teenager. Being the son of the Alpha, his bloodline ensures that he was well-endowed with self-confidence. His physique, personality and intellect all affirm that his father is one of the greatest Alphas to reign in the past several centuries. He is set to follow in his dad's footsteps and he knows that his mate might be any of the pretty girls he spends time with. He isn't just lucky. Ceanna has tried everything she can to remain under the radar. By no efforts of her own, she is moved up to the class for the smart kids, she's been elected as a student leader and she is dating the most popular boy in school. All she wants is to blend in, but clearly the Moon Goddess has other plans and even her iron willpower can't fight that. She just has rotten luck. Christmas is a time for gifts and pleasant surprises, but Keion never thought in a million years that his present this year would be to meet his mate, let alone kiss her before their first date or formal introduction! Normally meeting your mate would then mean, you go tell your parents, but Keion has a slight problem: he was kissed several times on Christmas Eve so he isn't sure which one she is! Someone had awakened his awareness, but he has no idea which of the girls it was. It wasn't time for them to meet so his wolf can't see her either but that doesn't stop his heart from soaring to the moon because he had generally liked the looks of every girl he met on that fateful day. He will do whatever he can to find her because he knows that theirs will be an epic union to change the future of werewolves forever.

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26 Chapters
1: Moments Under Mistletoe
Cold weather had always made Keion a little testy. With nothing but admiration and love, he envied his parents, who were cuddling together in front of the fire at home. First, he wished he were them because they had the fire going and had no intentions of moving. Second, he wished he were them because they had each other to hold on to. He was no longer a pup who could just jump into the blankets with them and snuggle up with his parents. He knew that it would probably annoy the Alpha more than a little if he tried that now. Being a prince probably wouldn't save him from his father's bite, so he had long since learned to let the royal couple have their alone time. Keion didn’t have a mate so he would just have to dress appropriately for this weather while in human form. So there he was, standing outside Nancy Morton's house, waiting for someone to answer the door and let him in, while the cold winter air swirled around his head. He was warm-blooded like the rest of them, but
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2: The Immediate Impact of Action
Keion got into his car and drove the distance home on his own. Playing a recording of his father’s last council address, he reviewed his day and his overall feeling about the party he’d just attended. It had been fun and perhaps kissing that many girls in one night had been a foolish thing to do but he was pretty sure he hadn’t sent any mixed signals or done anything that his dad would disapprove of. He often heard his father say he was still a boy and he was allowed to be a normal kid every now and then. Nancy had apologized for her actions because she’d never expected that he would then be forced to kiss everyone who had been upstairs. Keion had forgiven her and made it clear that he had no intention of holding it against her. “It was all in good fun,” he assured her as she was walking him to the front door. Looking up and down the nearly empty road, he spotted the security detail. One of them nodded in greeting and he returned the gesture.
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3: For King and Country
No sooner had the thought crossed Keion’s mind to speak to his father than his dad knocked on his door and walked in wearing sweat pants and house slippers.“Dad,” he sighed, falling back against his pillows with relief.“Good morning, son.”I heard you calling me. Is everything okay?“Good morning, Dad.”I had the weirdest dream. My heart’s going crazy.Setting his large frame on the bed next to his son, Msia Hamadi put his hand on the boy’s chest. What he had sensed from his own room came into high definition clarity as he connected with his child and the wolf that had seemed near giddy a few seconds ago.No wonder his child was confused. Msia’s wolf responded to the near panic and assured the younger wolf, sharing his peace. Feeling Keion’s heartbeat slow, he looked into his handsome son’s face.“Did you sleep well?” he aske
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4: Who Are You, Really?
“It’s unusual for an Alpha to travel without his pack, or at least a small detail,” muttered the old man. “Shh,” his wife whispered, glancing at their guest, “if he’s an alpha, you know he can hear you speaking about him.” The old man grunted and turned back to the fire. “If he could hear what really matters, where was he when they stole our son from his bed as he slept? Will he bring back our Samuel?” The woman’s wolf hung her head, and tears filled her eyes. “Will you constantly remind me of my pain?” “Is the pain yours alone, woman?” he responded, his voice thick with emotion. Before she could respond, the lone wolf they had welcomed into their small home bounded up the steps gracefully. “Mother, Father, is there anything you need me to do, this evening?” “You’re a guest in our home, you really shouldn’t have to do anything,” the woman said kindly. Grinning, the young man with the light brown eyes leaned against the door jam
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5: Set the Scene
“Did you sell your son to dangerous men for power?” Reyan demanded. Walter stood up angrily, “How can you accuse me of such a thing? We love our boy!” The use of present tense wasn’t lost on Reyan, but he needed to make sure. Staring right back at the alpha of a tiny pack he said clearly, “Before they snatched him Samuel recognized someone in the group of people who orchestrated his kidnapping.” That stunned him. Falling back in his chair, Walter’s hand blindly groped for Barbra’s. His wife clung on for dear life. “I felt his hope shatter into pieces as someone he knew appeared but didn’t save him.” His voice sounded strangled to his own ears as the emotion of the little boys washed over him again. “Who?” Walter whispered.   Walter's demand had compelled Reyan to reveal who he was and how quickly the tone of the conversation had changed from there. Everyone knew of Nyanga and the capture of the Queen who had been reigning
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6: Bait Taken
While everyone was seated, Reyan announced he wanted to tag along with Kano as he travelled the world. Walter looked at him sharply, but this time it was Barbra who spoke tactfully. “I thought you were going to stay with us a few more days before you moved on.” “I can always come back, dear mother.” Pause. “I want to learn as much as I can about the ways of the world before I am stuck in leadership.” The chair creaked under Kano’s weight as he laughed and leaned back, a toothpick clamped lightly between straight white teeth. “Aren’t you just raring to go...” Reyan grinned, too. “You could mentor me, aKaitano. What do you say?” “Do you know Europe is cold, young man? It’s not like the sunny plains of Africa.” Leaning in eagerly, “I have heard, but I would love to go see it for myself. I can pay for my own way–or work, whatever suits you best.” There was a long pause as Kano stared at Reyan, almost as if testing the sinc
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7: Game, Set, Martyred
“I’m fine Mrs. Cosby, I just want to get some air. I’m also assuming you might have some important things to discuss with aKaitano, so I’ll go sit by the fire.” “Alright, dear. We won’t be long,” the older woman, smiled at him. Once outside, Reyan shook his head. “What is it with these older women?” he muttered, heading to the fire pit where they had all conversed before the meal. He sat down calmly and waited. The moment they said his name, he became privy to their entire conversation. Kano mentioned him first. “Reyan is a fast learner. His age and his rank could be of great use to us.” “Is he a safe asset? Where are his parents?” his brother asked him. “Dead. He was roaming the rural areas of northern Zambia, clearly looking for purpose and excitement. He has no one.” “Can he be trusted?” “That’s why I brought him here tonight.” Pause. “A decision needs to be made. Do we train him or trade him?”
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8: Silver Linings
Ceanna woke up on the first day of school after winter break as reluctantly as she did every other day. It was another day to get up and go back to her life as a quiet nobody who made no significant impact in the world. She wondered as soon as that morose thought crossed her head if her mother would have interrupted her and said something affirming. It was something she wondered often, as she went about life- what it felt like to have the telepathic connection with one’s own kin. She’d heard her friends and other people talk about how annoying it was, but because she’d never truly experienced it, it was something she longed for. Throwing back the covers, Ceanna nearly knocked the picture of her family off her nightstand and immediately the guilt crept in. It was almost as if the Moon Goddess heard her moping and decided to remind her of what she had. Mama and Daddy Daley did their best to make her feel wanted, loved and fully accepted. When they had taken her
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9: Enter Golden Boy
From the moment he stepped out of his car, Keion didn’t expect more than a moment to himself. Going to school had started feeling like a full time job around the time his voice had dropped and peach fuzz had appeared on his upper lip. People didn’t look at him like a prince at Alcombey High School, but he was the track star and captain of the basketball team. He had quit football because his mother had complained of headaches after a series of grueling matches. A part of him felt that was her way of getting him out of contact sports, but he wasn’t complaining. Groups of students waved and called out to him as he walked purposefully toward the front doors. He smiled and answered but he kept moving. His agenda was to get inside and stay warm. Everything else was secondary. As he reached the first set of doors, he breathed a sigh of relief, his breath creating mist in front of him. Before he even considered taking off his jacket, his coach called him from down the hall.
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10: Exposed
Everything was changing way faster than Ceanna could have fathomed. She had gone from inconspicuous and uninteresting to the center of attention and the name on every high school senior’s lips in a matter of hours. All because Prince Keion had put his arms around her and called her his girlfriend. Nobody even knew the back story to that! They were all just running with it... how can they even believe that he would pick an obscure girl like me? Because of fireworks?! Blowing a stray curl out of her face, she crossed her arms and looked at herself in the mirror. Honestly, she had tried her darnedest to remain nondescript, and nothing that she saw in the reflection called particular attention to her. Her hair was dark and curly but easy to manage and the bun she’d barely twisted up didn’t yell, ‘Hey, I’m cute!’ The baggy jersey was a vintage acquisition from Daddy Daley and hung on her the same way a car cover draped over a bicycle, pre
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