Chapter 14. I'll see you tomorrow


As soon as they’re gone Alexei grabs my thighs and pulls me on his lap, making me straddle him. Eyes full of predatorial lust rake my body. My skirt rides up my thighs and my arousal by his sudden display of dominance stenches the air between us.

I know it is the alcohol and the fact that I haven’t had a good fuck in at least 2 months, but I want him, all of him. As this realization dawns on me he must have seen it in my eyes.

He doesn’t waist a second, kisses my neck and drags his tongue to my ear. His hand grabs my ass cheek, his eyes, now the hard grey of his wolf, staring hungrily at me. I lick my lips and he crashes his on mine, asking for entrance immediately. I open my mouth and his tongue claims dominance over the kiss. He tastes good, like mandarins and whiskey.

My hands travel under his shirt, feeling every curve and dip of his well-trained body. I dig my nails in his back when he bites my lip. He pulls my hair, making

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OMG she is going to be getting a spanking when her Mate finds out what she has been up too. ...️...️

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