Chapter 7


You want to know the definition of happiness? Happiness is waking up early, taking a hot bubbly bath, putting on your work clothes, and getting ready for your first day at work. 

I had received an email two days later after my interview that I- Faith McChrystal was a new executive assistant to two hot bosses in the world of C&S Clothing. So tell me if that isn't the perfect definition of happiness.

I walked through the large glass doors, towards an executive elevator. I was given strict rules. Very strict rules. But guess what? I was perfectly fine with them.

People threw me questioning looks when I waited for the elevator door to open. I just stared blankly ahead. Was I nervous? Nope! Not me! The excitement was very much larger than the antsyness.

"Excuse me maam? This is the private elevator for only the bosses and their secretary. You can use the other one!" a security in a black uniform said with a little smile. At least he wasn't being a dick.

"Oh. Yes sir I perfectly know that. And I am the new executive assistant and today is my first day around. I was given strict rules that I need to follow and among them was, to use the executive elevator!" I replied with a professional smile.

He looked at me questionably before holding a finger at me, and reaching for his phone. 

"Yes Sir there's a lady at the executive elevator claiming to be the new executive assistant. I wa...Oh? Okay sir I apologize for the inconvenience. Right away Sir!" i listened to a one sided conversation and he gave me an apologetic smile, placing his giant phone back into the breast pocket.

He ushered me to the elevator that just dinged open.

"I really apologize for that ma'am. But it had to be done for the sake of security!" he said nervously.

"I totally understand sweetheart and do not beat yourself for it. Will see you around!" the door sling closed and it began moving up.

Last time I was here, I rode to the 67th floor, and now I was riding up to the 72nd floor which was strictly forbidden to employees. Especially women employees. I found it a little disturbing to be the only girl on that floor but hey! It is what it is!

After a few minutes, the elevator door dinged open revealing a very much darker hue of walls.

I got out and took in my surrounding. Just right out the elevator on my right was an enormous lounge room/office or whatever they used it for. The four huge couches rounded the rich black glass trolley coffee table that was shockingly beautiful. The color of the couches was a light shade of gray and reflected on the dark shade of walls. On the very far end of the lounge was a floor-to-ceiling window with drapes on either sides. The lounge was breathtaking. The walls were painted in a very deep shade of gray. Very deep. The carpet on the passage and the lounge was a deep shade of black. I walked to what I assumed to be the reception desk which was a rich mahagony desk with a black marble counter top. The decor on the wall behind the desk was a pitch black paint with a very much shiny C&S gray logo.

Black and gray it is! 

I glanced further down the hallway at the two office doors which both had owner's initials curved neatly on the sidewalls near the door.

The one on the far right side of the wall belonged to Mr Angry Bird, and the one near the reception on the very same wall belonged to Mr Scott. 

There was a door opposite Mr Scott's which I assumed it was my new office to be. My office! Aha! Who would've thought?

I walked back towards the lounge room and sat down. I was annoyingly early. But hey, it's better to be early on your first day at work than being late. I glanced at my watch which signalled that I still had 10 minutes to myself. Luckily, I'd printed some of the small work Mr Scott sent me while he informed me about everything. So I took out some files and began re-reading again. They were at their lowest and I was sure as fuck that clients were leaving them and that investors were turning their backs on C&S.

I buried my head into the files and began circling the important points to pay attention to and the less critical. My concentration was intruded on by a ding of the elevator and out came Louis who was wearing some nice black slacks and a button up shirt. His eyes landed on me and his face lit up.

"Oh look who's here! Are you ready for your first date at work?" he asked with a very huge grin.

"Oh I couldn't be more ready sir!" I replied returning his smile.

"Oh please. Save the sir for the bosses. As for me, I'm your Louis. And yes I can really tell that you are ready for your day. The bosses will be here in..." he raised his hand and looked at his watch. " five minutes." He said with a smiles.

"No problem at all. I'll get back to what I was doing and you do your thing. The bosses will come and tell me what to do when they get here!" i said dismissing him. He nodded and walked to the reception- cancel that- secretary desk and placed his brief case. I buried my face into my work and in just a matter of few minutes, the elevator door dinged open signaling the arrival of 'Thee Bosses'. 

I quickly got up on my feet as they both walked out of the elevator and holy cow! They were out of this world. Mr Angry Bird stood proud and tall in a very neat burgundy hued 2 pieced suit. The white button up dress shirt and a black tie marveled his look. His hair was combed neatly on his head and oh his sexy furrowed brows! His 5 o'clock shadow stubble made my hands itch to stroke his gruffy face. He look like a Greek god on earth. 

Mr Scott was wearing a very light blue 3 pieced suit which luminated his perfectly sculpted face. His hair was jelled on each sides of his head and made a very sexy messy tangle on top of his head. His beard was shaven and that made me think of the unthinkable. Was Mr Angry Bird the one who gets on top? Or....

Mr Angry Bird only gave me a nod and walked past the lounge much of a hello. Stupid fucking hot Angry Bird! 

"Ms McChrystal. You can imagine my surprise when I received a call that you are already here when I was just in the shower!" Mr Scott said drawing near me with a dimpled cute as fuck smile. He held my outstretched hand and shook it firmly. But why did he have to mention him being in the shower?

"Its best to be early than being late on the first day at work. Isn't it Mr Scott? I asked in a very professional tone. 

"Oh yes it is. Welcome on board Miss and we are very happy to have you!" He said ushering me to take a seat of which I did.

"Thank you so much sir and as you can see, I was already familiarizing myself with some of the work you've given me during the week. I bet it's safe to say your previous PA effed you up and apologies for using the word!" I replied. He led out a belly laugh. Like a throw your head back and laugh kind of laughter and daaaamn! His laughter was rich and oh so help me Lord!

"You'd say that again Ms McChrystal. So before we get to the main juncture of your work, I'd like to inform you about the basic ground rules. One thing you need to bear in mind is to stand at least 3 feet from Mr Calu. He's...a gynophobe. So he really doesn't do well around..." his voice trailed off and he looked very uncomfortable.

"Women! He doesnt do well around women!" I finished his sentence with an understanding nod and gestured him to continue.

"Yes with women. So please dont take it to hard when he doesn't talk to you or much to say, greet you. If you need to forward a message to him, give the message to me but incase of my absence, Louis is there at your call. Additionally, be sure to not wear a very much scented perfume and you should not worry about the 3 feet rule because I'll always be between the two of you where its necessary. Put his coffee on his desk in the morning and don't leave any trail of feminine things anywhere around this floor except for your office. Your office is your own den and you can put flowers and lipsticks in there, we wont kill you for it. And last but not least, please dont mind his scowls. I too am used to them!" I laughed at the last part of his sentence and just brushed him off. 

It all seemed pretty fine with me!

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Dominique T Bast
sad because have yet to meet the child boy or girl if single mom
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This is really exciting to read.
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so excited to the next chapter

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