Chapter - 8

Kashvi's Pov.:-

It's been three days since his disappearance. he hasn't come back from the time he walks out and flew away in his chopper.

I am doing good although now I am not allowed to step out from the building but can roam in the whole building for which I am glad.

The new maid, well what to say about her. she is quite strict to me, always rule over me with her commands meanwhile I, don't want to be rude to her so, I am accepting her every commands silently.

What! She is doing her work and for my good whatever she is saying so, I am accepting her without firing words in her direction.

Since his absence itself, a majority of my brain cells plan another plan for an escape. Therefore, I am doing it from the time I was forced to return.

Currently, I am sitting at the dining table having my dinner in all silence.

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