Felon Identity 1

Felon Identity 1

By:  Kajal  Completed
Language: English
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She was all good in her small decent life when out of nowhere he showed up bringing havoc into her life. He married her for his revenge and that's how the story of the mystery started. What will you do when you became a culprit without doing anything? How you will prove your innocence before the person who is full of himself?

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Good book . would be good to have girik pov as one more epilogue
2024-02-06 20:53:28
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I like the way the storyline started ,interesting & the twist but later it was dragging. i think its to much for the children to take it.
2023-06-22 14:52:34
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when are you going to start felon identity 2???
2022-08-25 19:41:53
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Poornima Tiwari
very nice book waiting for 2 nd part
2022-04-14 00:04:42
69 Chapters
Character of the stories
 Girik Singh:- 35 years old.India's number one businessman and number one richest bachelor.In the whole world, he comes in 3rd position as the richest businessman.Very rude, arrogant, ruthless cold-hearted man.He is the man from whom whole India feared because he has power and money to cage the world in his fist.For him, his family reputation is everything and to save it he can do anything, which means ANYTHING. Ekiya sati:- 18-year-old middle-class girl doing her graduation from the nearby college.She is a selfless, innocent girl, kind-hearted and she loves everything which this beautiful nature has.Nature lover and love to sing, aim of her life is never harm or hurt anyone with your doing or by your words. 
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Walking in the mall I randomly roamed around to slip away from both the guards' eyes but both were so good in their work that I found it hard.To escape with the crowd which was risky. I took that risk, I walk around the cinema area where a huge crowd walk out from the theatre room when the movie finished. Seems like luck is with me today because my feet dragged me with the crowd away from the guards' eyes as I can see them both searching me in the crowd like foxes but they are failing miserably in that.I covered my head with the scarf which I had kept in my purse hidden. Walking fast with the crowd I moved out from the mall from its back door as I don't want to meet my driver at the entry gate.I can see several security men of the mall rushing inside the mall area especially, at the movie area, perhaps those both bodyguards of mine has informed him about my absence.I should hurry up!Crossing the street I walk into the small street which has no
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Chapter - 1
   Ekiya's Pov.:-   My heart is doing a wild dance inside my chest. I am feeling like to cry out loud, sweat drops of fear racing from my forehead to my cheeks only to steam down over my neck and then inside my top to sink in it.   My head is aching very badly as I am forcing it to recall what had I learned yesterday night. I don't know what to write in this question because my brain cells are behaving dead. Don't know why it's so usual that at exam times your brain betrayed you.   Today is my first semester's chemistry exam. Currently, I am in t
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Chapter - 2
 Ekiya's Pov.:- Turning around to look at the man who has said that I need to stay away from him. I saw passing me an evil smirk when he saw his aura is affecting me. ' Like I am dying to be close to him ' I said to my little inner child who punched this man several times in my head. ' right you even don't know him eki but look he is looking scary ' my little inner childish self said to me means my brain. My all attention turns back when my ears catch high beeping sounds to pull back my all panic self in me for my father who is now struggling to breathe while his heartbeat rhythm shows the monitor is running fast showing that his heart is pumping blood more rapidly than necessary. With bursting heart
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Chapter - 3
 Ekiya's Pov.:- We both stepped out from his car after reaching our destination ' His Villa '. All the way I was sitting away from him inside the car without sharing any words with me. On the other hand, he was busy trying on his phone screen. Two ladies came to me rushing after bowing before their master, one and only, The greet Girik Singh, please Note the sarcasm. They both took hold of my hand while standing opposite each other. They escort me to the room which was screaming luxury. I silently behaved to let them do whatever they wanna do because one wrong move from my side and its price will be taken from me in so different way which I can't even imagine. " Mam please take a bath and take this " one lady said to me after showing me the bathroom with placing a small bag in my ha
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Chapter - 4
 Ekiya's Pov.:- At the same moment when I closed my eyes, my tears slipped out from the corner of my eyes to hide into my hair. I am scared for my first-time physical relationship. I don't want to get hurt for my first time. seems like everyone faced the same nervousness, numbness, and anxiety as me right now. My face frowned in pain when he bite my sealed tight lips. My lips are so sensitive and he is not understanding as his movements over them is rough challenging my endurance. To moan in pain, I opened my lips but before any sound could come out from my mouth he slammed his tongue inside my mouth while holding my face strong to not let it move without his will. This quick action made me gag in discomfort but lack of breath and sudden panic in my system made it hard for me to cope with consciousness and feeling har
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Chapter - 5
   Ekiya's Pov.:-  I gulp down my stuck saliva from my choking throat. My body shivered more than before as their complete attention is now on me. Being the centre of everyone's attention out of blue is killing my all confidence to stand on my feet. My body sweat like a pig and I zone out from reality wondering what will he do if I step into their luxurious royal breakfast having a moment. My hand-pulled by someone pulling me out from my wonderland to reality. I saw Oni she is pulling me towards her chair but failing in it miserably since I am quite high in weight than her's. I smiled at her cuteness when she huffed adorably not kissing victory in her efforts, her small pouting lips never stopped making my heart dance in love. 
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Chapter - 6
 Ekiya's Pov.:- I pass back the cell phone to its rightful owner and turned slowly with hanging low shoulder in giving up manner. Because I have to go back whether I want it or not! " Okay, sir! " I heard the same guard's voice from behind. Suddenly, he rushed before me blocking my way. In reflex, I looked up at him in questioning to which he said " mam let me escort you safely to master ". Like I have a choice other than following him. Therefore, I just nod my head as yes and silently followed him. We step into a different elevator this time. I think it's for staff yet it's massive like a room. The room in which I am staying is smaller than this elevator. He pressed his I.D. card over the screen and it scan it with that he presses the floor number. Only af
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Chapter - 7
 Ekiya's Pov.:- I was in my deep sleep when I woke up by a feather-soft touch on my cheeks which was running up and down on my cheeks. I opened my eyes to see beautiful brown eyes which hold love, care, affection, innocence, purity in them. I looked at her innocent baby face, she plants several kisses all over my face to let the heat rush in my dead pale face. My emotionless face broke in a genuine smile after seeing her before my eyes. The way she shows her love to me literally made me emotional at the same time made me feel special and wanted to her, I am thankful to God to have Oni in my life and more to that her trust, love, attention everything, she showers at me. In return, she demands the same from me. I started to love her like my flesh before that I had affection for her in my heart since she is an adora
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Chapter - 8
 Ekiya's Pov.:- After washing dishes , not before eating my dinner secretly without coming in anyone's eyes and I am not ashamed for it , I am doing work all day like a pig so , it's obvious to be starved so , I couldn't control my hunger and end up stuffing myself . And one more thing , if I work this much in any restuarant or in any villa then I will be rewarded with food at least .. so I earn three time food since I am working here . And about the punishment , so for that he should know about my disobey , and here is no one witness who cab complain about me to him .. ' smart ass ' I praised myself I walk in hall to go in my husband's room as I have to go there .. despite the fact that I don't want to go . Whole villa is all pin drop silent only hall
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