Chapter - 12

Kashvi's Pov.:-

" Everything happens for good," I said to myself while clapping my hands in the process when I saw the door closed with a bang sound.

' but he was looking upset, sad more to that broken ' my mind said making me go roll my eyes at its dumbness.

" So what if he was feeling upset or whatever. did he ever felt bad or upset when he kidnapped me or forcefully married me or force his so-called husband's right on me or hostage me here with him? no right.

Then we are not ought to feel any guilt for him. he deserves it and much more " I said in anger as my heart was feeling pain whenever his broken face came into my mind.

' ya.. we should celebrate it! Finally ' my brain screamed.

" Finally I am free from that punk " I scream with a smile over my face while happily walking, flying and dancing around in the whole hall.

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