Grandad's secret

Grandad's secret

By:  Bleedingpenwriter  Ongoing
Language: English
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Luna Black wants to have a lovely summer holiday with her grandad in the country side but she finds out that her grandad isn't the kind and loving man she has always thought he was, he was something worse.Apart from her grandad being worse, her aunt is back to remind Luna of her past, the one she had tried to bury and Luna has a really big problem living with her aunt while her mum is away to God-knows-where

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This is a really nice attempt of a horror story
2020-07-08 20:32:32
11 Chapters
Haunted House
The road ahead was shrouded in mist. I kept my foot on the accelerator and soon saw the terrific so-called haunted house. I parked the car and looked at the house. This is where I was to live for the rest of my holidays. I thought about how grandad had said about how much fun he has in this old rickety house and this neighborhood. I have faith in my granddad when he says I'll have lots of fun as well..I woke up at 6 the next day, went down the stairs and saw my grandad reading his newspaper and sipping his coffee. Good old grandad, he still hasn't changed.“Well, good morning luna" he says to me“Good morning grandad" I saidI got to the kitchen and made myself some toast with butter and jam. While eating, I ask my grandad“Grandad, why do people in the neighborhood call this house a haunted house?"“Oh those are all lies, wouldn't I know if my own
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Way too kind
A week later, I met some girls from our neighborhood called Zoe, Sophia and Cynthia. They lived a few houses down. Surprisingly no one lives in the houses around us until two days ago, a family moved in.One day, we were at Zoe's house chatting about how my daily life was at the city and they were telling me about their daily lives when I remembered about my grandad saying that once I have some friends, I'll know why I can't go far away from the house."Zoe why aren't we kids as allowed to go far from here?", I askSuddenly, all their faces dropped from happy to serious, like real serious."Are you sure you want to know?" they all whispered very quietly"Why would I ask if I didn't want to know?", I replied "All right then, once we all went far away from here to see what was down there that banned all children from going down there", Zoe says"What was down there?" I
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Glowing eyes
After having a wonderful time with my friends the next day, we all had to go home and go to sleep. We had spoken again about my grandad being the man with his mouth full of blood and I told them about my grandad being so happy when he spoke about his wife and how it was too absurd that he was the blood man. On the way home, I wondered what drove those people crazy and who the man with his mouth full of blood was.On getting home, I bid goodnight to grandad and went to bed. I thought about what Zoe said, it couldn't be my grandad, could it?In the middle of the night, I woke up. I heard some movement downstairs and then a shrill scream followed by some more shrieks and screams. I got so scared. I put the blanket over my head as if it would protect me. Then I heard someone coming up the stairs, I tightened my fingers around the blanket. Then I heard my door creak open, I slowly lifted a teeny tiny bit of my blanket to see who it was.
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Psychopathic serial killer
When I met my friends, I told them that I was leaving the following morning. They all were a bit shocked, sad and mournful, even though they knew that their friend had to leave sometime and it was for her own good. Suddenly, even I felt like crying, over the weeks, they had become my best friends, even better than the ones I had in the city. My weeks here would have been miserable if it wasn't for them. I promised that this would not be the last time we'd be seeing each other and we would keep in touch and talk often."Does your grandad know you're leaving the following morning? " Zoe asked"Yes, why? " I replied"What if he does something to you this night? " Sophia asked "you know, since you'll soon leave" she added"I better be careful " I replied.The only thought I had in my head to prevent me from being scared was 'he can't harm you, you're his granddaughter '. It really helped tho'
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Little Miss Black is scared
“Luna, what's the matter, why're you crying?,”my mom asked coming into my room.When I got home from the mall, my mom had tried starting a conversation with me but my mind was too blank to listen to whatever she was saying and when she had asked what was wrong, I quickly ran up to my room as more tears were threatening to spill.“Uhm----listen dear, whatever it is, you have to find a way to deal with it because you're starting school tomorrow ” my mum addedOh shit! I completely forgot I'm going back to that hell hole. Can't life get any better?“I'll leave you now to deal with whatever you have to deal with ” she said.How I wish you knew it was your oh-so lovely dad that started this mess am going through.“The hell I will” I exclaimed. I'll definitely deal with grandad. My mum looked shocked before shrugging and leaving th
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Where's Eva
The screaming banshee did it's work again and I woke up. What I saw at the door was shocking and something I never want to remember. Jenny stood at the door staring directly at me with her arms crossed.“You're not good at running ” she said “but that's not my problem ” she added.“Uh--- what're you talking about? ” I asked.“I thought you were the smart one, figure it out ” she said turning around to leave but not before saying “oh your grandpa said Hi”.And that people is certainly not how I want my day to begin.While having my bath, I remembered that during the night, my nightmares kept repeating itself. Jenny digging her finger nails into my chest and dragging out my heart while I kept on running which I think made her say this morning that I wasn't good at running.If that wasn't why she said that, wha
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 I woke up abruptly with sweat on my forehead as I ran into the bathroom to empty my bowels. While doing that, I sensed movement behind me and something brushed my back. I shot up instantly but no-one was there.I sighed, turning around to flush the toilet bowl. My nightmares were repeating itself and they were getting worse. I was always waking up in the middle of the night in cold sweat to empty my dinner in the toilet bowl, leaving a bitter taste behind. It was like my dreams were haunted, which of course they were and they always made me so weak and frailI got back into the room and I realized that Rebecca wasn't on the bed, I frowned as  I got out of the room quietly and tiptoed down the stairs, avoiding all the parts of the stairs that creaked.I felt a bit cold as I saw  Grandad's favorite chair in the living room and what was worse was the fact that Rebecca was sitting on it, her eyes closed
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I see you
When I got home, the house was empty. Finally, some peace and quietness.I planned to hurriedly have my bath, eat and sleep before my aunt and her daughter comes home.As I was in the bathroom showering, a voice came from the drain whispering :"I see you"I ran out of the bathroom as fast as my legs could carry me, threw on a baggy shirt and ran out of the house without thinking. I didn't know where I was running to but I needed to run away from whosoever was seeing me in the bathroom.When I slowed down to take a look at my surroundings after running for a while, I realized I was in the woods and I decided to go back home or maybe even go to Lily's house if I'm too scared to go to my own house. But there was a problem, I didn't know my way out of here.I began walking, I didn't know where I was going but I just kept on wal
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Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the lights?
 “Are you sure this is okay?” I asked as we stood in front of the house where the party had already started.“Yeah, now stop asking questions and let's partyyyy” Lily replied linking arms with me and dragging me in.I was really enjoying myself, so far there wasn't any horrible experience and I was lightheaded. It made me take my mind off things.I decided to look around and in the process, my eyes caught something at the window and I walked over to it. Looking out the window, I saw someone at a corner of the street holding up a balloon, staring directly at me!All the street lights were turned off and the only one on was the one directly above the person staring at me. The person had on the mask of a clown and held up a sign. On the sign read:‘I see you ’In shock and fright I quickly pulled
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It's not my blood.
As I walked into the house, Rebecca was coming down the stairs and she halted immediately she saw me, a look of disgust on her face.What did I expect?But for a second there, I saw a look of concern but it was gone like it wasn't even there.The only person close to me right now that was alive was my mom and she had gone MIA, I had no idea where she was and we've not even spoken for a week now. I decided not to call her since she didn't call or text either. Maybe I wasn't important to her after all, I'm ALONE!"You look like shit" Rebecca said, her face twisted in disgust."Good morning to you too" I said as I smiled and walked past her."So who was it this time?" She asked making me stop.I knew I wasn't going to go back to my room in peace. This bitch was going to stop me.I rolled my eyes and turned around before replying her.
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