Special Chapter #2: Lucian Marquez & Lucy Cunningham [Part 1.1]

Special Chapter #2: Lucian Marquez & Lucy Cunningham [Part 1.1]

Lucian Marquez is known as the greatest hero of his time. Namamayagpag ang kaniyang pangalan, saan ka man mapunta, palaging siya ang iyong maririnig sa kalsada man o sa loob ng establisyemento.

“Did you already hear it? Duke Lucien’s son was the one who ended the family of Gilberts,” bulong ng mga ito habang nagtitipon sa iisang lugar.

Lumapit naman ang isang babae at napantig ang kaniyang tenga. “Really? I thought they were killed because someone assassinates them?”

“Nope, a witness saw that and it’s was scary to watch, he said. He also mentioned that he’s like a killing machine, they were mercilessly killed.” 

“Oh my… I can’t help but to feel pity for them.” These noble ladies are gossiping about Lucian Marquez.

A great knight of his time, the one who killed the Red Dragon, together with the mages, Clemson Knight and the King Levi, himself.

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