Chapter 7: Seduce

IT'S Ara's third day staying at Vanluke's mansion. Last night was half regretful and half… wondrous. Since the kiss Vanluke seems to be always smiling mischievously at her. Unlike the other days today he's never busy. He's practically doing nothing. They had breakfast as usual. Danil had already left so they were alone. After that he invited her to the open backyard pool to spend the day in leisure.

Ara couldn't stand his glances and awfully handsome smile. "You look like you've got a good night's sleep," she wasn't hiding her sarcasm because she's really pissed right now.

"What smile?" He denies with a big grin. His black polo shirt hugged the broadness of his torso. His wood color capri pants are screaming the deadly snake sleeping between his legs and she finds it hard not to notice.

She hugged herself. The morning breeze is colder than an operating refrigerator. With a long sleeve toffee tan knitted sweater and cotton white t-shirt it still felt like freezing. "Why have you been smiling since you woke up? What are you so happy about?"

"Do you really want me to answer that?"

"Stop grinning will you?"

"I can't."

"You can."

The conversation was leading nowhere so she just changed the topic to how his healing wounds are doing. It was time to change it's bandage. Czar brought her the medical kit she uses.

"How often do you get injuries?" she asked, tracing the deep and shallow scars scattered on his nicely done body.

Vanluke let out a breath. He caught her hand. "You can't touch me like that," he said with a hoarse voice. "Do you really want me to lose control?"

She swallowed the imaginary lump in her throat. She understands what he meant and she was being careless. She found him staring at her face. To her lips. She consciously bit her lips. "Uhm. Quit staring."

"I don't want to." He caught her jaw this time. Forcing her to meet eyes with him.

Just that simple eye contact is enough to make her heartbeat go crazy. Small fire is starting to burn within her. And that's what she is most afraid of. A small fire can turn into a blazing heat of burn. Once she's no longer in control of it she'll lose all her sanity and be a moth to a flame. She will gain pleasure. But she will wind up dead in the end. She's a woman. She has needs too. She can't possibly mistake her sexual fantasies to be as intimate as love. And love… It's so hard to take a risk.

"If I give you myself. Will that be enough and leave?"

Vanluke's forehead crumpled. "What?"

"If I surrender my body to you. What guarantee can you give me that I wouldn't be left for nothing?"

"Dear, I admit," he caressed her lips using his thumb, "I have no guarantee I wouldn't leave you. It's a first for me to hope that I could spend my old life with someone. I never felt the urge to start a family with anyone else. This is why I needed to get to know you better."

He's right. He made the right decision to take it slowly. Although his methods are extraordinary. Not everyone kidnaps the girl he likes just to get closer. For the first time she smiled sincerely to Vanluke. "What clever thing to say."

He let her face go to put his polo back on. Sitting on an expensive lounge chair then laying down. "I like large breed dogs. I don't hate mixed breeds. I'm pure Russian, my accent is too. I can speak English fluently…"

Ara's right eyebrow went up. Is he trying to continue the ruined conversation last night?

"I am not the type to get fat easily. Not everything that comes out of Danil's mouth is the truth. I just really don't like eating a lot. Swimming is my sport."

Ara laid down her own lounge chair. Listening attentively to her patient.

"I like anything brown."

Her forehead crumpled. "Sixty percent of my new wardrobe is shaded in brown. Is that a coincidence?"

"I picked everything myself for you."

"Why? Are you a fashionista?"

"No. I just think they'll look better on you."

ARA fell asleep listening to Vanluke talk. When he woke her up it's already lunch time. No wonder she felt hungry. Later that he spoke of something Ara could not believe he would ever ask.

"Ara, help me take a shower."

Her hands stopped scrolling through her phone. Her eyes darted at Vanluke who had an innocent look on his face. "Are you a baby?"

"It's your job as my caregiver."

She sighed. "Fine."

In Vanluke's room, which is the master's, everything is shaded brown. Like he takes serious thought of embracing the color. It was soothing in the eyes and it made you feel like you were dipped in coffee. His room is a little bigger than hers.

When she entered the bathroom her jaw dropped. It's the same bathroom she uses! Quickly she searched for the door leading to her own room. She was there. "Oh, my goodness, Vanluke, are we seriously using the same bathroom?! It's not even locked!" She found him leaning on the door to where she always shrugged off her thoughts.

"What seems to be the problem with that?" He asked as if it's normal.

"Our rooms are connected to each other and you didn't bother warning ke about that? What if we suddenly run into each other?"

"I made sure I won't run into you when you're taking a bath every morning," he teased.

She felt her cheeks flush. "Have you--?!"

"I never peep."

"Oh, really?" She put her knuckles at both sides of her waist.


"Damn it. You weren't going to ask me to help take a shower. You were just going to show me this revelation!" She can't believe she's been taking her time leaving herself wide open every morning! He clearly knew she was showering. It means he could sneak up any time he wants while she's vulnerable.

"Are you mad?"


"Because I could sneak in whenever you're not aware?" He began walking towards her.

She felt alarmed. She ran into her room and locked the door. Only to find out it could be unlocked only from the inside. It opened its leaf to spit the serious Vanluke. Her heart raced. Something's off. Her intuition tells her she's in trouble.

"You shouldn't have let me kiss you." He began talking while walking. "You should have slapped me, fought me off hard."

"Don't come any closer, please." It's dangerous. She knows where this is heading. She's afraid she won't be able to fight him off this time. Even after a night has passed she's still under his kiss' spell. She still remembers how good his lips felt on hers.

"I won't touch you more than enough."

"Vanluke, don't." Her calves hit the bed. He took the opportunity to push her down. She caught her breath. They're too close to each other. He's pinning her down and lowering his face to hers until their noses are touching.

"I've been meaning to break the doors separating us since last night. I almost lost control and snuck up while you were soundly sleeping."

He was here?! So she thought right, she was never safe to begin.

"It was so peaceful, watching you breathe. I'm envious. I can no longer remember the last time I slept like you do." He caught her wrists. "I badly want to kiss you. Not just your lips. But every inch of your body."

"You said you're not going to touch me."

"I did. Though, with you this close? I don't think I could even." Before she could utter anything his lips were already touching her lips. Unlike the first time, his kiss now is deep. He forcefully opened her mouth to suck on her tongue. He nibbled her lips like it's some candy he couldn't get enough of. "Damn it, more of this and I'm close to breaking that promise," he whispered between breaths. He pressed their foreheads together. "Wait here. I'll cool myself down first."

She nodded. He's right. More kisses and she'll be the one to break his word.

He granted her a peck on the cheek before going back inside the bathroom to take a cold shower.

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