Chapter 6 - Sarael

I tried to sleep. I was tired. I mean, it was a long and eventful day after all. But knowing John was out there in his wolf, I couldn’t sleep. Was it because it unnerved me to have a werewolf watching my house, stalking me like his prey? Or was it because of this urge to open my back door and call him inside? I groaned and angrily fluffed my pillow. “Stupid mate bond.” I grumbled. 

“Merow!” Shu cried, annoyed, giving me the side-eye from his spot on my bed. “Sorry, Shu. I’m trying to sleep, but I… I can’t. He might still be out there. I know it’s not going to be cold, and even if it was, he’s a wolf they run hot anyway. I wonder how hot his skin would feel to touch. “No bad, Sarael.” I shook my head, wanting the thoughts to go away.

I sighed and flopped onto my back, and looked up at my ceiling. I closed my eyes, trying to force myself to go to sleep, when I heard the clap of thunder and sat straight up. Soon the rain started to fall in heavy sheets against my windows. Was he still out there? Did he drive here? Or did he run here in his wolf? Is he still out there?

With a heavy sigh, I threw back my blankets, rolling out of bed. I scurried out of my bedroom, flashes of lightning giving brief breaks in the darkness of my cottage. I went to the mudroom, slipped on my boots, and pulled my rain jacket over my gray cotton gingham shorts and short sleeve pajama set. Flipping the hood up, I turned on the backlight and turned off the alarm as I opened the door. 

This was stupid. This was outing myself. This was such a bad idea. But I looked out into the yard to where he’d been earlier. I didn’t see eyes watching me. Maybe he left. It’d be for the best if he had. Yet still, I am looking around to be sure. “John?” I called out quietly. Even over the thunder and the heavy rain, I don’t doubt a werewolf would hear me. 

I was about to go back inside when I heard something near the garage. Pulling the rain jacket tighter, I cautiously moved closer to the gate that separated my yard from the driveway. Under any other circumstances, if I were someone else, if I were a simple human, I’d scream seeing a very wet dark brown wolf sitting under the overhang pressed against the garage door. So that was the sound. His wolf body brushing against my garage door. I furrowed my brow because he looked haggard, worn out. 

My eyes widened as I noticed blood on his right shoulder. He was hurt? How’d he get hurt? The thorns on the rose bushes shouldn’t have caused that. “J… John?” I called his name again. His wolf lumbered to its feet, growling as it looked down my driveway. My eyes shifted to peer into the darkness, wondering what was out there. I couldn’t see anything in this rain. 

I came closer, trying to figure out what he was growling at, what had hurt him. Then I saw it. Three sets of eyes were at the edge of my driveway. I couldn’t make out more than that in this darkness and rain, but I was pretty sure they were werewolves. They made the mistake of coming onto my property. I am not a human to be trifled with. I slowly moved back to my back door, and I slowly went back inside.

I’m sure to them this was a sign I was scared. I’m not scared I need my weapons. Shu meowed at me, watching me. I ignored him and went into the closet and dug deep, opening the hidden panel and taking out my rifle, loading it with wolfsbane laced bullets. I haven’t had to shoot some time, but I make time to go to the shooting range to stay in practice. 

Coming through the garage, I opened the door in time to see a scraggly-looking brown wolf about to pounce at John. With a loud crack that echoed in the garage but was thankfully covered by the sound of the thunder, I fired. The bullet going into the wolf’s right shoulder. “Back the fuck off, rogue!” I glared. “All of you.” I added, gesturing the barrel of my rifle at the others. 

They were all startled by my interventions. They growled, ready to fight till they noticed their friend collapse. “My bullets are laced with a high concentration dose of wolfsbane. So unless you want to die in one of the most painful ways you can imagine, you will take your friend and get the fuck off my property.” I smiled sweetly. John hadn’t turned to look at me. His body was still tense as he growled at the rogues.

At least they aren’t stupid. They shifted to their human forms, the one I shot shifting on its own accord. They were all males, scrawny and malnourished. “This isn’t over, Kinsley. You tell him he either steps up or steps into the ring so one of us can.” one of the men growled at John, not daring to look at me. When they took a step too close to John, I cocked my gun. “I said get off my property. Touch him, and I put the next round between your eyes.” I warned. 

“John, get your ass in here now.” I ordered, keeping my sights trained on the rogues. They growled as they helped their friend up and turned, walking down my driveway. “I really hope that Mrs. Cooley is still asleep. Seeing three naked guys walking down my driveway would give the old woman a heart attack.” I shook my head. I watched till I couldn’t see them anymore before finally lowering my gun and closing the garage door. 

“You knew.” Those two words held such a deeper meaning. John’s deep masculine voice sent shivers down my spine. He was behind me, far enough I didn’t feel his breath on my neck but close enough, I could feel the warmth radiating off his body. Off his naked… of fuck he’s naked!

John Kinsley Jr, one of the most eligible billionaire bachelors in the country, my mate is in my garage wet and naked. I want to turn around. I want to see his naked body. I want to see if reality is even close to what my imagination conjured. I want to touch him, to feel the warmth for myself. I want to lick the damn raindrops off him. Fuck! Fuck this mate bond making me some horny teenager. I’d blame that I haven’t gotten laid in a year, but I know it’s more to do with the mate bond.

“Sarael.” his voice held a hard edge to it, yet somehow there was a softness to how he said my name. “How do you know?” he questioned. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and counted to four before I released it. Setting the rifle aside, I removed my raincoat, not once looking back at him. “Here.” I finally spoke blindly, handing the jacket to him. “Not looking to have a show.” I added.

He let out a low growl but took the jacket, our fingers grazing each other, causing the sparks to infiltrate my body, making a straight shot to my heart. “This won’t fit me. But I’m covered enough.” he stated. “Now explain.” he demanded, a sense of authority radiating off him. I furrowed my brow then pinched the bridge of my nose as I realized something.

“You’re a ranked wolf.” I groaned. “Sarael….” he elongated my name with frustration. Rubbing a hand over my face as I turned to look at him. I blinked, my mouth going dry as I looked at the sight before me. In all his glory, John Kinsley was standing dripping slightly with my track jacket wrapped around his waist, leaving his sculpted muscular chest on full display. 

I really shouldn’t be staring. I couldn’t help it, though. I clenched my thighs as my eyes traveled over his body, finally reaching his eyes that were staring at me with such an intensity almost stepped back. “Answer me.” he demanded. He sounded cold, but I could tell I was not the only one affected by our proximity. His nostrils were flaring as my scent was apparently driving him crazy. At least, I’m guessing it by how his pupils dilate and that gold ring keeps flickering at the edge of his eyes. I’m not the only one checking the other out. I felt those intense eyes drinking me in. 

“Pretty sure that’s obvious.” I stated as I moved past him, taking off my boots. “I wouldn’t be asking if the answer was obvious. How? How did you know what I am? How did you know I was even out there? Why do you have wolfsbane bullets?” he questioned, following me into the mudroom. I rolled my eyes as I put my rifle back and set the alarm again. 

“Stay put. I don’t need you dripping water across my hardwood floors.” I said, pointing at him while trying not to look at him. I can’t look at him. If I look at him, I’m going to want to get closer to him. If I want to get closer to him, I’m going to want to touch him. If I touch him, I’m going to want to kiss him. If I kiss him, I’m going to want to fuck him. And that is something I should not ever do.

I went to the laundry room just off the mudroom, knowing I’d recently done laundry. I’m lazy, so I knew some were still in the dryer. Digging into the dryer, I could feel his eyes on me, a soft rumble emanating from him. “Do you mind not checking my ass out.” I sighed, finding one of my white plush terry bath sheet and walking back over to him. “Here, you can dry off.” I said, handing the towel to him.

He arched an eyebrow taking the towel with one hand then plucking something off it. “I don’t think this will fit me any better than the raincoat.” he commented, holding up my lavender lace thongs. I quickly grabbed them, hiding them behind my back, feeling the flush on my face. “Just… stay put.” I sighed and forced myself to walk around him. 

“Sarael. We aren’t done. You haven’t answered me.” he huffed. I paid him no attention as I walked to the guest bedroom at the front of my house. I paused by my bedroom, tossing the thongs inside before shutting the door. Then went to the guest room to dig through the closet. I might, big might, have some clothes from an ex he can wear. Not that they’d fit well. He’s taller and more muscular than any of my exes. “Sarael?” he questioned, and I realized he had snuck up on me and was leaning in the doorway with the towel tucked neatly around his waist. 

I dared to glance over at him and quickly looked away before I found myself staring at the V dipping into the towel that points directly to the area I’d like to see if he’s also bigger than my ex's. “Stupid mate bond.” I grumbled, pulling out a pair of basketball shorts and a muscle shirt my ex, Drew, left. He often changed at my house after pickup games of basketball with his buddies at the court a few blocks over. Guess, John, and mostly I am lucky that I didn’t throw these out.

“Here. Put these on so you can stop walking around my house practically naked.” I said, avoiding eye contact as I shoved the clothes at him. I need a drink. I sighed and walked to my kitchen, flicking a light on as I bent open my wine fridge, taking out one of my oldest bottles and pouring a tall glass. “Do I want to hazard a guess why you have men's clothes in your guest room?” John’s rich voice questions behind me.

“I'm a thirty-year-old woman. I’m fairly certain it’s a safe bet to assume I’ve had previous relationships.” I rolled my eyes as I slowly turned. God damn it, he’s not wearing the shirt. Even though they are designed to be loose, just the black basketball shorts seem snug on his muscular body. “Do you know how to wear a shirt?” I questioned, the words coming out more annoyed than I intended.

“Yes, I know how to dress myself. I, however, prefer clothes that fit. That shirt wouldn’t even fit my brother, and he’s a half foot shorter than me. You apparently favor scrawny men.” he commented, folding his arms. A subtle growl mixed into the last comment as I noticed his eyes flared gold at the mention of other men. 

“I wouldn’t say scrawny. Rather unfair to compare the body type achievable by the average human man that doesn’t spend all day in a gym or use enhancement drugs to bulk up to a werewolf who is naturally muscular.” I countered, gesturing with my free hand to his well everything.

“Indeed. So are you going to explain now? How did you know what I am? How did you know I was there? Why do you have wolfsbane laced ammunition? How do you know I’m a ranked wolf? And what was that about the mate bond?” he questioned, eyes boring into me.

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Tina Staab
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John should know that she is a hunter all the signs r there especially with the laced silver bullets

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