Beta's Surprise Mate

Beta's Surprise Mate

By:  Bryant  Completed
Language: English
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John: I was supposed to be the Alpha. I was supposed to find my mate first. How did my life come to this? A mateless 33-year-old virgin, okay, that part is my choice, helping plan my little brother"s wedding. And if that's not bad enough, I think my wolf has lost his mind or sense of smell. There's no way this human florist is my mate. Sarael: Being a small business owner is never easy, even less when you're a woman of color. But I love my little flower shop. I love it because it's half a world away from my family. I've lived relatively peacefully till John Kinsley of THE Kinsleys walked into my store. The man is by far the sexiest man I've ever seen. But he's also driving me crazy with this hot and cold attitude. This is a sequel to Alpha Logan. You do not need to have read Alpha Logan to enjoy this book, but it is encouraged. Bloodmoon Pack: Book 1 - Alpha Logan Book 2 - Beta's Surprise Mate Book 3 - The Reluctant Alpha Novella - The Hunted Hunter Book 4 - The Genius Delta

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Beta's Surprise Mate is a romantic werewolf novel written by Bryant. The story follows the life of a young woman, Mia, who discovers that she is the mate of the beta werewolf, Liam. However, Liam is already in love with another woman, and Mia is torn between her feelings for Liam and her desire to do what's right. With a 4.8-star rating on GoodNovel App, readers have praised the book for its well-written characters and captivating plot. If you're a fan of the werewolf genre, Beta's Surprise Mate is a book you won't want to miss.

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Carmen Feliciano
l ovr all of your book.
2024-01-22 00:22:22
default avatar
Love this story such a sweet couple 🩷
2023-12-12 18:02:49
user avatar
Absolutely loved this book, this is my second time reading this story and it still gives me that feel good vibe Well done author
2023-12-10 11:38:29
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Darma Day
Great book! John is such the opposite of Logan.
2023-06-30 20:34:48
user avatar
Jone is like my second favorite character out of the whole series. Another great book
2023-03-31 14:22:40
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Rene Miller-Ledford
Love this series
2023-02-14 18:19:07
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Dũng Lưu
Hay quá bạn
2022-12-24 11:45:46
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Alexandria Alford
when will the next book be out? the time line says summer 2022 but it's not available?
2022-11-17 11:07:25
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Great Book I did not skip any chapters!! AWSOME read
2022-10-26 12:08:03
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Kodie Taylor
2022-10-26 09:13:13
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BSM takes you on a journey of unexpected love between two people that for all intents and purposes should not have ended up together. Strong FL that doesn't take any shit from anyone, paired with a classy swoonworthy gentleman.
2022-09-13 11:12:46
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Sara Gossman Zimmer
You would be hard-pressed to find a more swoonworthy mate than John. The man is perfection personified. Sarael is a former hunter gone "normal human" in this tale filled with family drama. This book has an epic love story filled with familial betrayal. Such a great follow-up to Alpha Logan.
2022-09-12 12:57:03
user avatar
Loving all your books so far. Keep ‘em coming!!!!
2022-08-25 22:27:38
default avatar
Great read as usual. Please bring back Lord Androkles. I miss him terribly 🥹
2022-06-21 12:01:23
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kritika sethi
all the books are amazing ..waiting for Silvercloud and Persephone's tell us when will we get the books..
2022-06-13 04:44:14
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81 Chapters
Chapter 1 - John
“Remind me again why I’m going to your appointment with the florist? And also remind me why you aren’t just going through one of the florists we have within the pack?” I sighed as I followed my GPS to Flowers of the Nile in Eugene, Oregon. “Because Aurelia hasn’t been feeling well, and I finally talked her stubborn ass into going to see the doctor. But we can’t cancel or reschedule if we want to have the flowers for the wedding.” my brother sighed over the car Bluetooth. “Okay, I get that. And I’m glad she’s finally going to the doctor. Though honestly, I’m with Sybille. They are just going to tell you that it’s morning sickness, and you have a pup on the way.” I rolled my eyes. “Guess we’ll see. She’s pretty sure it’s just from Hana’s undercooked brownies.” Logan answered. 
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Chapter 2 - Sarael
I hadn’t really taken Becky seriously when she called my next appointment gorgeous. This isn’t a very big town, and Becky’s dated most of the single guys between 18 and 30. So I don’t trust her opinion of men. But when I walked out of the backroom and called out to him, I suddenly had a new respect for her taste. Because damn.  I’m pretty sure my panties got wet. I had to suppress a full-body shiver as those cobalt/azure eyes raked over my body. I know I’m not much to look at, at least not dressed like this. My hair was probably a mess. I’d just thrown it into a low-side ponytail while I was working.  And as much as I love the turquoise blue smock with the gold logo on the chest, I know it does nothing for my figure. Nor does it hide the basic white tee and dark wash jeans I was wearing. I knew I was meeting with a client, but someone… Becky… spille
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Chapter 3 - John
I am going to maim, I can’t kill him, but I can maim my brother when I get home. Of all the places in the world to send me. He had to send me to the one place that apparently has been hiding my mate. And fuck, this is not good. ‘Shut up! We have wanted our mate for years. You and I both know you are tired of being a mateless virgin.’ Irving scoffs as he eyes her ass while we follow her to her office.‘Stop looking at her ass. The hell, Irving? She’s going to catch us, and I’m not dealing with that.’ I scolded him. And, of course, as we were arguing about the ramifications of checking out our mate’s ass, she looked back and caught us. Damn it, Irving. And crap, now we are in an even small space with her. At least out in the show, the scents of all the flowers and her employee Becky helped counter her deliciou
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Chapter 4 - Sarael
I’m proud of myself. I managed to stay in control while in his presence, and after he left, things went without issue. But at the end of the night, as I was counting out the register, I spotted the copy of his card transaction. My eyes went wide, and I dropped it as my eyes saw his name. “John A Kinsley Jr.” I gulped as I dared even speak his name.  THE John Kinsley was in my shop. THE John Kinsley is my soulmate!! I’m arranging flowers for a KINSLEY wedding! I was trying to wrap my head around that when another thought hit me. The Kinsley’s are werewolves! My breathing was erratic, but hey, it at least matched my heart. I wonder how my family would feel if they knew. The Kinsley family has funded archeological digs for my family for a while. I don’t know if the Kinsley family knows they are funding hunters in their search for ancient artifacts to u
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Chapter 5 - John
Logan had apparently walked to the cemetery, so I gave him a ride back with me. I should have let him walk. “I understand your concern that she’s a human, but it doesn’t change that she’s your mate, brother.” he shook his head. “No, I don’t think you do. And you should. You brought Suzu and Hana into our world. And it got Suzu killed, and Siegfried nearly killed Hana two years ago.” I pointed out.My knuckles were turning white as I was gripping the wheel so tightly. “I will not place her in unnecessary danger.” I growled. I know Irving agrees, even if all he wants is to have her by our side. “Do not use Suzu and Hana as your fucking excuse to be a damn purest coward!” Logan roared. Even after all this time, Suzu is a sore subject for him. I know it, but he has to see where I’m coming from.
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Chapter 6 - Sarael
I tried to sleep. I was tired. I mean, it was a long and eventful day after all. But knowing John was out there in his wolf, I couldn’t sleep. Was it because it unnerved me to have a werewolf watching my house, stalking me like his prey? Or was it because of this urge to open my back door and call him inside? I groaned and angrily fluffed my pillow. “Stupid mate bond.” I grumbled.  “Merow!” Shu cried, annoyed, giving me the side-eye from his spot on my bed. “Sorry, Shu. I’m trying to sleep, but I… I can’t. He might still be out there. I know it’s not going to be cold, and even if it was, he’s a wolf they run hot anyway. I wonder how hot his skin would feel to touch. “No bad, Sarael.” I shook my head, wanting the thoughts to go away. I sighed and flopped onto my back, and looked up at my ceiling. I closed my eyes, trying to force myself to go to sleep, wh
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Chapter 7 - John
‘We should go, Irving. I know she’s our mate, and you want to be near her, but this is getting ridiculous. We are sitting in her rose bushes when we should be home in our bed.’ I sighed. I’ve been repeating myself, yet my wolf doesn’t want to listen. Damn mate bond. He’s lost all sense because of it and her. ‘Don’t say mean things about our mate.’ Irving growled. I sighed, rolling my eyes from my spot in the back of my own mind. Irving was not willing to give back control so we could go home. And since he ran us here, I don’t even have a change of clothes to force him to shift. He knows well that I’m the modest sort and wouldn’t risk even at this late hour being seen walking around naked. ‘A storm is coming.’ I commented, able to smell the rain on the breeze and hear thunder in the distance. ‘We really should go home. We are not sitting out here all night, least of all in a storm.’ I said firmly.
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Chapter 8 - Sarael
I blame the mate bond. I also blame him. I am not the sort of woman that throws herself wantonly at any man. And I’ve seen my share of good-looking men. Human and supernatural alike. But John Kinsley… takes the cake. It took all I had to not throw myself at him when he walked out in just those basketball shorts. And this kiss!  I don’t want to contemplate how he’s this good at kissing. I know if I do, that little green monster known as jealousy will rear its ugly head. I have no right to be jealous. He’s not mine. Or rather, he wasn’t mine. No, he isn’t mine. Fuck this mate bond shit is messing with my head. I had no idea it could affect a human like this.  Am I getting hit double time because, unlike a werewolf, I only have one spirit inside me? That’s a thought for another time. For when I’m not in his arms, tasting him, touching him, and basicall
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Chapter 9 - John
I’ve been off since leaving Sarael’s house. This damn mate bond was weighing on me. Irving was angry at me for what happened. Not the whole kissing her part, no that he fully supported. No, he was angry because I apologized for it and got us essentially kicked out of her house.  He can be mad all he likes. I’m mad at him too. He’s the one that pushed me to kiss her. And then forcing me into the back of my own mind to speak through me. He said too much to her. Telling her, I wanted to kiss her since the moment I laid eyes on her. Even if it’s true, he shouldn’t have told her that. There is a reason we werewolves have two spirits, a human and a wolf. We balance each other and are only at our best when wolf and human are in sync with each other. So Irving and I being mad at each other have me thrown out of balance. Add that to being away from my mate, and l
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Chapter 10 - Sarael
I had it up to my chin with this pintsized alpha. I am in no mood for anyone’s bullshit, least of all his. Maybe if he wasn’t John’s brother, maybe if he wasn’t a shorter mountain man version of him, and maybe if he weren’t an alpha, who are notorious for getting their way, I’d feel differently. But he is an alpha, he does look like John, and he is John’s brother.  For all these reasons, I wish I kept some weapons on hand here at the store. I get that he’s upset. As a younger sibling myself, I understand being protective. But it’s not his business. It’s between John and me. I didn’t get involved in my sister’s relationship troubles. Well, not to this degree. And for what meddling I did, I regret to this day. As our argument was starting to get heated and I worried Becky would hear us, the door burst open. I was ready to reprimand Becky only to see John’s
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