Chapter 9 - John

I’ve been off since leaving Sarael’s house. This damn mate bond was weighing on me. Irving was angry at me for what happened. Not the whole kissing her part, no that he fully supported. No, he was angry because I apologized for it and got us essentially kicked out of her house. 

He can be mad all he likes. I’m mad at him too. He’s the one that pushed me to kiss her. And then forcing me into the back of my own mind to speak through me. He said too much to her. Telling her, I wanted to kiss her since the moment I laid eyes on her. Even if it’s true, he shouldn’t have told her that.

There is a reason we werewolves have two spirits, a human and a wolf. We balance each other and are only at our best when wolf and human are in sync with each other. So Irving and I being mad at each other have me thrown out of balance. Add that to being away from my mate, and l


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Tinisha Mack
oh the brothers are about to argue
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Marry Hell Bgns
It’s what I did And I didn’t like the first story but loving this one !!
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Logan knows John wanted to stay away from her, so why did he assume it was her fault. Being an a**hole

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