Chapter 71 - Sarael

Getting to spend all this extra one on one time with John has been great. And not just because we’ve now had sex in every room of my house. Apparently, Irving had a checklist of every room and surface he felt needed to be christened with our scent. I’m not complaining. I have to give them credit for being inventive. I had not ever really considered sex on the washer before, and well damn, was that mind-blowing. 

I even had a Carrier Bradshaw moment when we had thought of going on a date. While I was picking out a dress, John joined me, and it turned into sex on the walk-in closet floor. And just like in the movie, I am glad I opted for a plush carpet in my closet. John teasingly said he’d have to put carpet in our closet at the house in Kavanagh Glen. 

It hasn’t all been a sex-filled romp. We’ve had quiet evenings curled up on the sofa watching tv or reading together. John’s taken me out on some lovely and romantic dates. Including going over to Portland.


We are coming to the end. Today is the last day chapters will be posted. I'm not ready for this to end. But I promise this won't be the last of the bloodmoon pack.

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goodnovel comment avatar
Yessss. Best conversation lol
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girl bonding, my friend. Now they know they're all dirty mind women lol
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Hehe can't believe I enjoyed these three gossiping ladies

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