Chapter 9

I wanted to yell at her for what she did to me. How can she have the face to say it was me sleeping around the town for fun to lose count of the men I slept with. Is she sane?

"It was all you and your…."

"Okay, what's going on here?" professors voice cut my argument, and the whole class became silent.

"Nothing, sir, just a health argument between us sisters," Tina replayed, eyeing me to keep my mouth shut.

"Whatever she said," I replayed, making my way towards my chair.

Everyone parted with a look of disgust when I moved near them like I was a plague.

Even if the professor noticed, I'm glad he did not comment on that. What would his reaction be if he knew the situation? Well, he will know about it by the end of the day.

My seat was near the window. I started looking outside, not interested in listening to whatever the professor said.

My class is situated on the third floor, and I can get a pretty view of the forest behind our college.

It's a vast forest where you can't even see the ground from above. But you can see the old mansion between the trees peaking out. It must be huge as we can see the mansion even with this tick forest.

It may be old, but it looks classy. It has a pointed top with a cone-like surface covering the house, has the slopy ends I can see the large glass window.

It just looks like a palace from Disney world.

You can call it a Palace since it is the place where our city's richest man and his family stay. Everybody talks about why they live in that forest instead of living in the city.

They have money and can build any type of building they want.

And everyone knows that theirs will be the biggest and best house in the whole city if that happens. But they are never willing to come here.

Ford family has such a prominent place. Why would anyone want to vacate such an excellent and heaven-like place between the woods to live in this dry and tainted city? I don't think they need to move from there.

I was scanning through the treetop at the mansion when I saw that large window facing my college opened by someone, but no one was there.

I wait for some time to see any movement but find nothing. It must be because of wind, I think.

When I was about to move my gaze from the window, my eyes got caught by two red lights shining in the room's darkness.

Those red lights looked like they were the eyes of some creature, and it was looking right at me, which made me shiver in my place.

And the Unexplainable thing happened as I was staring at those red eyes the new tattoo on my neck started to tingle.

I ran my hands on the mark at the sensation; it may be my imagination, but I think the brightness of those eyes increased a bit.

Okay, that's weird. How can that be possible?

I try to concentrate on looking into those lights to identify what that is.

My eyes start to sting because of the strain from looking at it without blinking for a long time.

When I blink them once, it doesn't even take a second, but the red lights are gone. And the window is closed.

I furrow my eyebrows. Was it all my imagination? How can anyone close the window in just the blink of an eye?

I chuckle about my imagination; I must have gone insane with all the drama happing in my life currently.

"Care to tell what's so funny about what I said, Ms. Kennedy," comes a professor's voice making come out of my thoughts as I look at him.

He looked pissed at me looked like he was explaining something important to the class. I f*cked up once again.

"I'm sorry, professor. I was not paying attention to what you were saying" I spill the truth in Infront of him since he doesn't like someone telling lies.

And my answer makes him even madder, but he doesn't say anything about that, thankfully, "Pay attention to the class then."

"Just because you are good at studies doesn't excuse you from not paying attention to what is taught in the class."

I nod my head as a reply. He eyes me then continues to teach us from where he left.

He explained our graduate exams and the process we need to follow to apply to a good college for further studies. How to choose the major, what are the scopes of the majors which is every important?

We are about to graduate and ready to take the professional course. And instead of listening to that, I was here imagining things how silly of me.

The exam is in a week and then we will get two months of holiday.

We can decide which field we want to build our carriers in those days. And I have already decided what I want to do; I want to be an artist.

I always loved to draw when I was a child, but as I grew up with all the hardships drawing and painting was the only thing I could enjoy. It was the only thing through which I could express my feelings to the world.

Paints are a little costly compared to pencils, so I only do pencil sketches for now. I have a whole book of portraits of the people I have drawn.

Whenever I see any exciting situation happening in the neighborhood when I'm coming or going to college or my job, I remember that.

 I draw them after reaching home when I have time for myself.

I have drawn many portraits, but I don't recognize most. The only drawing I have sketched that I cherish is my parent's paintings.

In that, they are smiling at me with all the love they had for me. It is the picture that I imagined what they look like. And I had it framed and kept it on my dressing table.

Before starting the day, I always look at that photo and smile, thinking they will watch out for me when I'm in any danger.

My aunt's family is so cruel to me; they didn't even let me see my parents' pictures and destroyed every single of their photos present in the house.

So, I have drawn it with the little bit of memory I had of them. It is the most precious thing I have of my parents and their memory.

It always makes me remember I also had people who used to love me, and I have to lead a good life for them.

It's only these thoughts that keep me going and not end my life.

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Gloria Strickland
Why doesn't she know about the family situation? why be mad at her or her mother?
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Bella Jersey
They were noticing each other before the rape happened

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