Summer Finds Out

Nathan’s Point of View

Once I left the suite, I walked back to the BBQ to speak to Noah and to have a drink and calm down. I was still angry about Darryl and Marco and their actions earlier. As an Alpha, I need to be fair, so I will let Noah deal with them as I don’t think I could be impartial, but they definitely need to be punished. They had no business putting their hands on any girl without her permission. I was so eaten up with jealousy earlier that I never even thought about that. Then when I saw Asher kiss her forehead, I had to remind myself my brother would never cross that line with my mate.

I was already angry at him for not being there when she needed him. Quinn said it wasn’t his fault, and I couldn’t stop myself smiling when I remembered her shouting at me earlier. No one speaks to me like that, and it was kind of nice and natural, an

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It’s definitely time to tell her dude
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Awww hopefully Quinn doesn’t decide on her own to run away before Sunday and without telling Summer
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Bella Jersey
I hope this goes well

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