Chapter 09


Agent Vitali briefly comes to inform me that he is leaving to see things through with this Red Daisy Club matter and as he warned me before, I shouldn’t even try anything stupid.

I shake him off, not interested in anything he has to say to me. Not until he really comes back, raging or calm.

Either way, I am doomed.

He leaves my room and like a good prisoner, I come to see him off at the door which clicks shut with a beep when he steps outside.

I wait and wait and wait. Doing nothing, taking deep breaths.

What if he comes back calm and silent and tells me they have dealt with Red Daisy, ambushed, found drugs, destroyed the place - A stupid lie. What am I going to do then?

Can I play this game for longer when I find out the Agency is just using me or should I find some way of my own?

Just one shot at revenge…That’s all I have, I remind myself.

If t

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