Chapter 27

The days went by, Matthew had been very busy at the company lately; From the little he told me, he was setting up a very important business with a client, the guy was somewhat demanding, but that was something that Matt liked a lot since he said that this way the seriousness of that man was more noticeable.

Matthew would come home late, and although he was tired he would always take time to watch Luisa sleep for a while, he would sit on a chair in the girl's room and watch her, I would go up to him and start to massage him , stroked his hair until he relaxed, talked for a while with him, those nights as it was getting late Alejandra and I had to stay the night at his house so that he didn't have to go out to take us, because even though he insisted that he could lend me The Chevette to go home he told me no, he told me that at that time a drunk could be walking in the street and we could have an accident and he did not want that to happen. 


One day I was sitt
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