chapter 39

Lucien turned around on the bed, he was feeling restless, Marianna had once again sneaked into his room, she had a bad dream, now, she was sleeping soundly and nearly suffocating him in the process.

He was supposed to meet Jasper, they had promised to meet later so they could sneak in and have a glimpse at what the grownups were doing that they had to lock them out, he was just waiting for the signal in order to make a move.

Marianna shifted again and once again wrapped her body around him, he sighed, one day she was bound to smother him in his sleep, he adjusted his sister and he heard a low whistle, he smiled, Jasper never disappointed him, he waited again just to be sure and heard it again, he eased himself out of the bed and stuck his head out the window, sure enough, there was Jasper.

“what took you so long”, he whispered.

“I had to wait for mama to fall asleep”, Jasper said as he held out a hand for Lucien, who crept out the window. They were lucky that the walls had footholds,
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