Nothing Like A Mad Woman

Lady Tatya lounged about in her chambers, reading a horror novel. This was one of her favorite genres. She loved the thrills, the twists, the terrifying reality that burst through the pages. But most of all, she loved the creativity. 

So many ways to die, so many ways to make someone fall on their own sword. Tatya turned the page with such vigor, she almost ripped it. Yes, this was the moment in the story where the characters were cornered and trapped by the monster, the monster that had a million ways to torture them. Skinning, drowning, beheading… all wonderful ways to cause someone’s death.

Unfortunately Tatya’s monster was such a public persona. The Empress of an entire empire! And behind her stood the bastard king, with a skillset equivalent to even the Oracle in the Temple of Hypnotite, despite being so young. Truly a terrifying ex

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