The Dark Protector

The Dark Protector

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Avani is the last earth dragon in the world. Not only that, but he is also the last male dragon. The other three remaining elemental dragons, air, water and fire, are all females. Unless he mates with one of the other three dragons, the race of pure dragons will die out. Since he snubs the idea of finding a mate, refusing to allow anyone to claim him and therefore control him, he has taken over as protector of the forest. The hunters are always searching for supernaturals to force into their Arenas, a modern-day gladiator fighting ring. And now, they are capturing supernaturals to experiment on, creating a new race of hybrid creatures. Because Avani can shift his emerald-green scales into the black of onyx, those he saves have started to call him The Dark Protector. Merethyl is an elven princess. She and her brother, Yhendorn, are captured by hunters when her family is attacked, her parents slaughtered in front of her. She and Yhendorn are held captive, experimented on, until one day they find a way to escape. As they flee, Yhendorn is re-captured sacrificing himself to make sure Merethyl gets away. As she runs, the hunters chase her, trying to run her down. Avani hears her and flies to her rescue, killing the hunters that are after her. When he realizes that she smells better than anyone he’s ever smelled before, he knows he must get away from her. He cannot allow her to have the total control over him that claiming him would give her. But Merethyl has nowhere else to go and she needs Avani’s help to rescue her brother. Will Avani be able to resist the charms of the elven princess, or will he fall to her, claimed, making her his dragonrider?

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77 Chapters
Chapter 1: Avani
**This is the second book in the Elemental Dragon series. While it can be read as a standalone book, references will be made to the first book, The Arena.As I step off Tana’s penthouse balcony, I shift, flying away from what I just heard. Tana, the last fire dragon, has been claimed. And by a Lycan no less. I can’t believe she fell to him. She knew he was her mate, but being mated and being claimed are two very different things.He tried to tell me that our ideas of being claimed are archaic, as outdated and incorrect as the ideas that humans have of dragons killing humans and the creation of dragonslayers. But he forgets that I’m centuries old, over 200 years old.As I fly away, I decide to find Zephyr. She is the air dragon and has decided that she wants to have a baby, a dragon baby. Since she hasn’t found her mate, she doesn’t have a problem having a baby with me. And I pride myself on my sexual prowess, especially in dragon to dragon form. We weren’t always the last four dragons
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Chapter 2: Merethyl
“Yhendorn, what are you doing? We need to get down to dinner. You know mother will be mad that we’re late. We have guests.”“Mere, you worry too much. Mother won’t be mad at us.”“She won’t be mad at you, you mean. You can do no wrong in her eyes. She’ll probably blame me for us being late.”“You realize, you’re acting like a 5-year-old, not a one hundred and five year old?” He says.“I’m still young by elven standards. It’s not my fault that there is such an age gap between us. I’m sure mother felt that there was no way she could have a more perfect child than you, so it took father nearly 50 years to convince her to conceive again.”“Bitterness is not becoming in a Princess.” He says to me.I roll my eyes behind his back. My brother is the perfect Prince. And he’ll make a great King one day. Me, on the other hand. I’ve always been the wild child. Ready to explore the world, question everything and endlessly test my mother’s patience. Or at least, that’s what she always says to me.A
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Chapter 3: Merethyl
I scream as the pain of whatever they are injecting me with slices through my body. It feels like they’ve put razor blades into my blood stream and it’s killing me slowly.“Note that patient number 34654 seems to be feeling pain with the injection. Time will tell if this compilation of drugs will incapacitate or kill it.”It. I’m the it. Not her. Not Merethyl. Not the elf. It.I’ve lost track of how long I’ve been in here. There are no days or nights here. There are no windows so you know what time of day or even what time of year it is. There is only pain and in between pain.It’s a testament to how terrible my life is when I’m happy to hear my brother’s screams. It means he’s still alive. I hope my screams bring him the same peace, knowing I’m alive.Ours aren’t the only screams here. They are a constant in this hellish place. I’m not sure which is worse the screams or the begging. Begging for life, begging for death, it doesn’t matter, they never give you what you want. They don’t
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Chapter 4: Avani
I’m flying over my forest, having been gone for nearly a month. This is the longest I’ve ever been away from the forest. First, because Kenna was worried about her mother being gone so long. She had called me to help find her, which ended up being unnecessary when she returned, having been claimed by the Lycan. And then I’d spent a couple weeks with Zephyr making sure her egg was properly fertilized before heading home. My body is relaxed in a way it hasn’t been in a long time, my dragon calm after weeks of sexual release.But now, it’s time to get back to work. I’ve taken on the role of protector of this forest. Where Tana enjoys being in a busy city, working with humans and supernaturals, I prefer the forest. Maybe it’s the difference in our elements or perhaps it’s the difference in our genders. Zephyr and Kaylani don’t seem to have a problem integrating with others, or being in busy environments. But for me, the noise and scents of the human cities are overwhelming, so I prefer to
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Chapter 5: Avani
She’s tall, my mate. I pull my wings out in a partial shift and fly up the side of a mountain, carrying her in my arms. I lay her down, tucking her hair behind her ear and that’s when I realize that my mate is an elf. Fuck! Elves derive their magic from the earth. It means that she is very capable of claiming me. She could easily use my gift against me. Dragons are the strongest of all supernaturals, but elves are clever and intelligent and they wield the earth element almost as easily as I do. My mind is in direct opposition with itself. First, I’m thrilled that I found my mate. Instinctively, we all want to find the person that completes us and makes us feel whole. I’m proud to be mated to an elf, she is worthy of being mated to a dragon. And, I’d be lying if I said holding this woman in my arms doesn’t make me feel bigger than life, stronger than I’ve ever felt before. However, the other side of me is furious that this woman might even consider that she is capable of taming the d
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Chapter 6: Merethyl
I slowly come awake, trying to figure out why nothing feels normal. Suddenly, the memories of being in the hunter’s laboratory jolt me awake and I’m sitting up screaming before I can stop myself. I slap my hand over my mouth as I get my bearings, looking around and realizing I’m no longer in the laboratory. But I’m not at home either. I rub my face, trying to work the cobwebs out of my brain. My home was attacked, my parents were killed, Yhendorn and I were captured and tortured, we escaped, Yhendorn sacrificed himself to save me, ordering me away. I began running and the hunters found me. They chased me for days, never allowing me to rest. I was near exhaustion, ready for death when he arrived. The dragon. I don’t know how I knew he was a dragon, but I’ve never smelled such raw, pure masculinity before. My parents had told me about the dragons, that unlike other supernatural beings, they take on the scent of their element. And he had smelled of evergreens and cinnamon, a delicious
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Chapter 7: Avani
I’ve been searching for two days for the scientist’s laboratory. I’m frustrated because I know I have to be close, but I can’t find it. I keep getting whiffs of a scent, sometimes a supernatural, sometimes a human, sometimes a medicinal scent, but it always blows away on the wind before I can find it. Fortunately, I know someone that can help me. Hopefully, he is close and I can get him here to sniff this place out. I shift, not bothering to get dressed, but grabbing my phone out of the small case I always carry on me. “Avani.” He says. “Ishir. I need your help. Are you at the penthouse by chance?” I ask him, referencing the penthouse in the city where Ishir lives with Tana and Kenna. “I am. Tana has gone to Cedric’s pack lands for the weekend.” “I can be there in a few hours.” “I’ll be waiting.” I hang up. The pain of Tana being mated to the Lycan isn’t as sharp as it used to be. There was a time when I had wanted Tana to accept me as her mate. Her fire and my earth elements c
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Chapter 8: Merethyl
I follow Kayid as he slinks through the forest. He’s as quiet in his human form as he is in his fox form. I had told him about my brother and he agreed to take me to the hunter’s bunker, laboratory, lair, whatever it is. It’s taken us two days and we still haven’t gotten to where we are going. During this time, I try to learn more about the dragon, but Kayid is surprisingly tight lipped about him. The most I get is that the animals and shifters in the forest predominantly owe their lives to Avani. What he didn’t say, but what I am starting to realize, is that Avani is a loner. It’s hard to have a family or a life if you’re always protecting others in the forest. And it appears that Avani is always helping to protect others. This forest, in particular, has become a hunting ground for the humans that want to experiment on us. It makes me wonder how they heard about my family and how they found us. I also learned about the arenas from Kayid. Hunters aren’t just taking supes for experim
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Chapter 9: Avani
I’m ready when we take the last straps off. So, when the creature lunges at me, I’m prepared. What I’m not prepared for, is for it to beg for death. “Please, kill me.” It says. “What is your name?” The elf asks it, her voice soft, gentle, coaxing. I still don’t know her name and I don’t like it. It turns its strange head to look at her. “Graith. My name is Graith, or it was.” “Your name and who are you haven’t changed Graith.” She says. “Look at me.” He says, spreading his wings and lifting his legs. “Look what they did to me.” He snarls before his voice chokes on his emotions. “I know. I’m sorry that this has been done to you.” He looks down. “You didn’t do it, you have nothing to be sorry for, but you can put me out of my misery.” His voice whistles every time he uses a word that has an ‘s’ in it. It's a loud, sharp sound that makes my ears hurt. “I can’t live like this. I won’t. Where could I even go? No one would take me in.” “I would.” She says and I look up at her shar
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Chapter 10: Merethyl
The nerve of that dragon. He’s so arrogant, so sure that I need his help. I’d probably be more inclined to let him help me if he didn’t smell so friggin delicious. Every time I get close to him, his scent fills my nose and I feel my body getting all warm and tingly in places I don’t have time to deal with. I need to focus, to find my brother and get him out of whatever hell The Chief has put him in. That poor creature, if they do something like that to Yhendorn…I refused to allow that to happen. When I walk back inside, the sting of antiseptic washes his scent out of my nose and helps me to clear my head. If they brought Yhendorn back inside, then there must be another way out. With the number of supes that they were experimenting on, they had to have trucks somewhere. I walk back in to find Ishir going through the scientists’ paperwork. “What are you looking at?” I ask, stopping momentarily seeing that Kayid is helping him. “I’m getting as much of their information as I can. Any
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