Loque Bella; The Essence of the Moon

Loque Bella; The Essence of the Moon

By:  Inonge Mitchie  Completed
Language: English
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Loque Bella is a waitress who is transported back into time to a kingdom called Hampshen; where she finds herself the youngest of a farmer's four daughters and set to marry the queen's son Prince Callum, but there is so much more to her life than just that and it all begins to unfold when on her wedding day a fayagan, the most feared creature in all the kingdoms, crashes the event and kidnaps her.

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52 Chapters
Loque Bella
It was Friday night and Loque Bella was working her usual 01 to 06 shift. It was around 03 in the morning and the diner was empty; the only people there were her and the cook who was in the kitchen watching a football game on the small TV mounted in the corner on the wall, whilst she was sitting behind the counter flipping through a fashion magazine, wishing she looked as beautiful as the women in it. Loque Bella was stunning but she never saw it and she definitely never felt it. The large thick frame glasses she wore on her face made her feel unattractive and the fact that she couldn't afford make up to make herself look even a little better didn't help either.Just then the door swung open and hitting the bell at the top, Loque Bella lifted her head and there was a woman walking in. She was about sixty years old and was wearing a wholly blanket over her long brown dress; she looked somewhat homeless. Her name was Gorette."Good morning?" Loque Bella said closing the
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Time travel is not possible
"When?" Loque Bella asked."Yes when," Gorette said."What does that even mean?""It means another time.""The part of me that's missing is in another time?" Loque Bella asked."Yes.""Like past and future another time?""The past actually, that's where the truth of your being lies. If you are to find that missing part and live out the truth of who you really are, you must travel to the past," Gorette said."Uh huh . . . Alright it was nice chatting with you, I am going to leave you be and go and do literally anything else," Loque Bella said standing up."You are living but not to the fullness of who you really are." She stopped. "Your spirit is calling out for things this time cannot give it and as such it is sad because it knows what it can really do, what it really is but this time will not let it because a spirit like yours is extincted and can no longer have the freedom it once did because it's not supposed to exist
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One of us marrying Prince Callum
The kingdom was called Hampshen and it was in a time similar to that of the Victorian Era. It was night time and opening her eyes Loque Bella found herself lying down on a bed in a bedroom. There were four beds, including the one she was on, with a chest of drawers against the bare wall and burning oil lamps on the walls. She sat up; wearing a simple dress with her long dark hair flowing down her back and onto the bed. Downstairs, her family sat; father, Mr. Braun, and her three sisters. He was sitting on his sofa by the fire place as the girls set the dining table; singing a song they loved with their voices blending together like angels singing. The first born was Ida, the second was Kima, the third Miro and the last was Loque Bella. Listening in and watching them, Mr. Braun smiled, his daughters were quite a sight, all of them spitting images of their late mother. They lived in a secluded farm house in the outskirts of the village and were a lower middle class family
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You're a prince and I'm a nobody
An hour later, they were done with dinner and the sisters were in their room sitting on their beds. They were changed into their night dresses and could bring themselves to stop talking about the news the queen just brought. Loque Bella was marrying Prince Callum.“Goodness gracious I can’t believe I’m going to be a princess,” Loque Bella said.“Princess darling you’re going to be a queen, queen of Hampshen,” Miro said.“Queen Loque Bella,” Kima said and they chuckled.“Oh gosh I am so nervous, I can’t believe I’m actually going to marry the prince. Me, oh dear, what if I muck it up?” Loque Bella asked.“You are not going to muck it up,” Ida said.“I know nothing about being queen. I can't even handle you lot what more an entire kingdom of all sorts of people.”“You’re going to learn,” Miro said.“What i
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You are your father's son
"And just like that I never stepped another foot into the night ever again," Loque Bella said."Oh my Loque Bella I am so sorry," Prince Callum said."I don't even like to look into the night through the window. My family knows it too. We close the curtains and lock the doors just when the sun is going down and then we all stay in until the sun comes back up again.""Wow, what happened that night really changed your life.""It did. Now just that the mere sight of the sun setting in the sky brings a coldness to my skin," she said."Have you ever tried to face your fear?""Go out into the night? No. The thought of it shrinks me back to that little girl and I get scared all over again. I know I should do something about it, I'm a big girl for goodness sake, I can't be afraid of the dark. I wake up every morning feeling brave to take on anything but when the sun begins to go down, I become that little girl and all the bravery I had leaves me and
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You look wonderful as well
Two days later, father and his daughters went to the palace to meet with Queen Roselyn and Prince Callum for lunch. They were sitting down by the large table in the dining hall enjoying a wide variety of foods laid out on the table, as the guards stood spread out against the walls and at the door. “Thank you for having us your majesty,” father said. “Oh please the pleasure is all mine,” Queen Roselyn said. “And I must say you all look so wonderful,” she then said. “Yes you do,” Prince Callum said, with his eyes glued on Loque Bella. He knew of her beauty but with her hair bundled up opening her face and her navy blue dress complimenting how her skin shined underneath the light of the chandeliers, he was completely taken. “Thank you,” the girls said slightly bowing their heads. Loque Bella looked at Prince Callum and finding him looking at her, butterflies flooded her tummy and she looked down smiling to herself. He too smiled to himself and they carri
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It's the moon
The following day and as planned Loque Bella and Prince Callum went to the stream to have a picnic; sitting on a blanket and enjoying delicious treats whilst enjoying the lovely day. They spent hours out there and in those hours they talked and got to know more about each other, deepening the bond that came to life the first day they met. They talked about how different they grew up and discovered that even though they lived two totally different lives they had so much in common. They talked about their lost parents; Loque Bella's mother and Prince Callum's father and shared wonderful memories about them. Prince Callum shared all the beautiful places he had travelled to and promised to take her to see each one and even took the opportunity to give her a gift he specifically had made for her; a small white box nicely wrapped with a pink ribbon. "What is this?" Loque Bella asked. "Open it," Prince Callum said and she removed the ribbon and pulled the li
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I take this man as my lawful wedded husband
Minutes later Loque Bella and her sister bridesmaids were ready to leave for the church. Covered with the veil falling over her face, she was helped into her white and flower decorated wedding carriage by her sisters and together they rode down the road to the church; with the village people, men, women and even children, standing in the sides of the road waving to the carriage and throwing petals into the air and Loque Bella inside the closed carriage waving back at them. A moment later they arrived at the church and Loque Bella's sisters helped her out of the carriage and up the steps of the church where father was standing nicely put together in a brown suit waiting for her. He saw her and his eyes immediately began to water. "My love," father said. "Hello father," Loque Bella said and they shared a warm hug. "Oh my goodness, it's like looking at an angel. My love, you look so beautiful." "Thank you father." "You are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen," he said looking
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Moon essence
The fayagan breathed out a black flames to the people and seeing the flames coming straight for them they ducked and the flames passed above them. It breathed on and the heat of the flames caused them to scream even louder as the walls, the ceiling and the double door caught fire and the windows burst; scattering the broken pieces into the streets and immediately startling the people that were waiting outside to see the married couple. Inside, the people had their heads down as just then the fayagan stopped breathing fire and looked down at Loque Bella; also on the floor and with her head low. It then gave out another spine chilling squeal and grabbed Loque Bella. It held her firm in its huge clawed hand that almost completely covered her and then leaped off the floor and flew out, flapping its massive wings and creating winds that raised the dust and debris of the broken wall off the floor and into the air, blinding their sight as the fagayan flew off further into the distance. "Loqu
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Loque Bella is not human
Back in Hampshen, Prince Callum, Queen Roselyn, Mr. Braun and his daughters were in the queen's throne room talking about what just happened. Queen Roselyn was sitting on her throne with Prince Callum standing next to her and Mr. Braun and his daughters were standing before them. The throne room had two thrones all the way at the end of the large room; a throne for him and a bigger one for her, portraits on the walls of the queen and prince as well as the many kings and queens that had ruled Hampshen in the previous years, decorative pillars holding up ornaments and a red carpet that ran from the double door all the way to the two thrones that were sitting on a slightly elevated platform. "What is going on Mr. Braun?" Prince Callum asked. "What just happened?" Mr. Braun looked to his daughters and them at him and then back at the prince with his heart the heaviest it had ever been; whatever it was that had him looking like that it wasn't good. "Loque Bella is very special," Mr. Br
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