His Little Assassin
His Little Assassin
Author: Aiesh Writes


First Arc Prologue

"Are you ready for your first ever interview?" 

"... Is this really necessary?" 

I raised an eyebrow, shifting my attention from my camera to the beautiful young woman sitting leisurely in front of me. With a grin, I immediately replied, "Of course! This will be your very first story. Your fans would surely like to have a pre-interview with the main character of the newly posted and updated version of the book." 

Repositioning the angle of my camera, I murmured to myself, "It has been a few months since the last time I updated. I won't be too surprised if I were to lose readers by now." 

"Fans?" The young woman has a sarcastic look on her eyes as she smirks mockingly towards me, "We aren't even in the first chapter yet. How bold of you to directly lie to my face? We have no fans. Don't be delusional." 

I ignored my character's obvious displeasure and clasped my hands in excitement, "Seeing how you look dashing as ever, let's start the interview then!" 

Without caring for her response, I pressed the record button of my camera with a click. A red blinking light appeared in the upper right corner, indicating that it is now recording. The camera, which was placed right in front of me, was pointed towards the raven-haired woman sitting in the center of the room, capturing her figure in all black clothing with her arms crossed across her chest. Her long leg, clad in tight black leather pants, was draped seductively over her other. It was nearly impossible for me to keep myself from tearing up, like a mother watching her child who had grown up. She's just everything that I imagine her to be! 

I began the introduction after tucking the brown strands of my stubborn curly hair behind my ear.

"Hello, everyone! Welcome to His Little Assassin's Character Interview! Where I, Aiesh, your interviewer for today, will have a question-and-answer session with one of the story's very important characters! As you can see, for this prologue, we have here as our very first guest the one and only main character who portrays Avyanna Collins, and is also widely known in the book by her other identity, Raven of the XYS!"

I ask her my first question with enthusiasm. "So, Raven, what is your role in the story?" 

She replied, "A bloodthirsty killer." …without any hesitation.

"... can you elaborate on what you mean by that?" 

"What else is there to say? I kill people."

My lips twitched as I became aware of her sluggish demeanor, who was currently scanning her black-painted nails in boredom. However, this did not deter me from doing my job as I continue with my next question.

"According to the script, you're an assassin for a well-known underground killers organization known for having a unique protocol for exclusively killing people who have sinned; what do you think makes you different from the other main characters with the same gender?"

When she abruptly stood up, I flinched. Every step she took forward mirrored the pounding of my heart. Anyone could see the danger in her glinting cold blue eyes, which kept me firmly rooted in my seat. My mouth was tightly shut as she came to a halt directly in front of my camera, reaching forward an arm to raise the lenses to her face. Her lips were curved upward in a seductive arc.

"Let me be clear: my story isn't your typical damsel-in-distress heroine with a cliché storyline of having a cold, intimidating, hot, sexy, and overly handsome knight-in-shining armor to save the day. I prefer to be the latter, love, but I don't save people; I kill them."

Ah, my child grew up to be such a fine lady.

Gently tapping the lenses three times with her left knuckles, my baby continued, "My story isn't for easily frightened cats who have heart attacks over small amounts of blood; such weaklings aren't welcome to step through my door; I prefer predators, someone who has the strength to enter my territory without being pushed back."

As when she's about to leave, I immediately snapped out of my trance. "Wait!! Last question! This is extremely important." 


"Will there be any romance in the story?" 

Raven seemed to freeze when I asked her a question. She didn't respond right away, but she returned her gaze to the camera and grinned.

"Oh, is that what you're all looking for? Don't worry, this is a romance story, after all."

She leaned in once more.

"Two people with opposing professions met. With a long history of being a star-crossed lover, that may or may not repeat itself once again. A savior and a killer. A knight and a joker. What if the two were bound by a contract requiring them both to take the sacred oath of undying love? Will the two end up saving each other from their own black hole as they fight for the same goal with never-ending lies and betrayals? Or will they remain each other's version of Pandora for the rest of their lives?

With a playful smirk, the raven-haired young woman pressed the button of the recording button without my permission, subsequently, the red-blinking light had stopped. 

I sighed as I fixed my glasses. "I still want to ask a few questions, you know," I murmured underneath my breath. 

Raven crossed her arms over her chest and raised an eyebrow at my sulking figure, "Miss Author, is your life that boring for you to waste your time conducting such pointless interviews?" 

I snapped my head towards her and glared, "Hey! This ain't useless!" 

I was honestly offended.



I shuffled in my seat as the door suddenly burst open, revealing another of my characters.


"Oh, Ms. Aiesh! I'm so sorry to interrupt the interview but it's urgent. Mr. Black suddenly wants to summon us for a very important mission." He apologized as he scratched the back of his head. 

I smiled. "It's fine. You can do your business, then." 

"Thank you!" Lei grabbed Raven's wrist and practically dragged her out of my office. 

"Hey, brat. Remove your hands off of me this instant." 

"Sorry boss." 

I shook my head, before reaching for the little notepad of mine sitting on my desk. 

Just a few fixes here and there, then the first arc will be revised completely. 

I just hope you are ready for the changes… ‘cause it will kinda tinee bit be different hehe.

See you in the next newly written chapters, readers!


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