Chapter 43

I waited for Kristina to report to me that the bodies of Lara, Emmanuel, Mila, and Joy were sent to their families before reporting back to them that their kids have taken the doses, and that they would be waking up after taking the antidote. My heart dropped to my stomach when I saw that Richard and Kiara were on the same team against four contestants who could rat them out.

However, that fear quickly faded away when three of them died, leaving Kiara, Richard, and Yang for the last two levels. Though we didn’t know when they were going to start with them. The fact that they were going to stay in that place for a while longer than necessary worried me, especially since Yang was on edge as she believed that Kiara was with Richard, and that the two were cheating on me. We had two options, to either wait and see what would happen, or I could just give an order to shoot the woman, and we get everything done with.

But as tempting the idea was, I knew that I couldn&rsq

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