Chapter 58


The fact my touch soothed her, bothered me. It shouldn’t have been possible since we were not mated. Nor should I be able to control myself around her. Although, it was difficult. Just breathing in her scent was making me hard.

Unlike before I was more worried about her than myself. After the first day of her last heat, it had been torture being around her. Every time she went into heat I was hit with an insatiable hunger for her. It was bad enough I had it even without her being in heat, it was just worse when she was.

I knew she was in pain, it killed me not to comfort her. I just needed to know if she was sleeping with my brother. Before it was because he was my brother and it would cause problems with the contract situation. Except I didn’t give a damn about the contract.

It was her and knowing that another man was touching her that bothered me. In the past couple of weeks, I have come to the realization that I really didn’t g

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goodnovel comment avatar
He’s finally putting it together! She needs to let that wolf out lol
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Bella Jersey
Damn isn’t that Tate so noble. He’s gonna give Brook pleasure only to help her. If your have a problem Tate call Eric. I’m sure he’ll help
goodnovel comment avatar
Great Cliffhanger!!!!!!!

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