Chapter 73


The fact she was even giving me a chance to prove myself was more than I could ask for. I didn’t blame her for being cautious to begin anything with me. The more I thought about it, the more I knew that if I would have let things go on anymore with the way I acted, I would have lost her for good.

I am just sorry it has taken me so long to see just what I had right in front of me all this time. Since she arrived I have had a soft spot for her, but I thought it had just been because of what she went through. Thinking back it was just her.

It was her strength and resolve to keep fighting no matter how hard she was knocked down. Nothing that has been thrown at her has kept her from trudging forward. If I was being honest with myself, it was probably during the Luna Ceremony that I realized just how special she was.

Who was I kidding? It was even before then. I would always love Leslie, but what if felt for Brook was very much real. I knew it wasn’t

Raelyn Karson

I am going to try to finish this book by the end of the month. I also wanted to apologize my updating has not been as quick as I am sure you all would like. My workload will be coming down soon and will be able to focus fully on my writing. Thank you for all of your patience.

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Thea Antonine
wow amazing. baby step alpha. ...
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Kelley Moreira
Im so happy where this is going...
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All chapter nearly about nothing. Justfew sentences they said....

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