Alpha Atlas

Alpha Atlas

By:  Jane Doe  Completed
Language: English
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Raelynn Tress had never been strong or proud like the other werewolves in her pack. Fate had different plans, pairing her with the young Alpha Atlas Andino. Tossed aside as Alpha Atlas chose another, Raelynn leaves the pack with her Mom by her side. With a new pack that accepts her, Raelynn flourishes. She hadn't a clue secrets from the past would draw her home, back into the clutches of the Alpha who once rejected her. The world is changing, just as Raelynn changed. Undiscovered enemies lurk in every corner. Will she find her place in this new world, or be devoured by enemies she never knew existed?

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Raelynn is a very ordinary werewolf, but fate has paired her with young alpha. Conceivably in this mismatched manner, Raelynn was abandoned. She hopes to get away from this place and find a new beginning, but the secret of the past has to bring her back to the magic of alpha, who once rejected her. Since then, Raelynn has changed a lot. In the story, nicki and dustin help transform the elves, and the elves and werewolves become emotionally intertwined. Rey begins to find her own journey. The characters, the world, the plot, and the ending are all surprisingly different the mix of wolf and fae in this one. The unique story of both worlds with fantasy elements is incredible.

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user avatar
Great book
2024-03-03 15:52:29
user avatar
Excellent book
2024-02-28 04:12:10
user avatar
Loved this book and the characters. Iridan is still my favorite book from you but Atlas is a close second.
2024-01-31 17:35:18
user avatar
Catty Wheels
Each time I read your book, I say that's my favorite of all your books but this...this is very intriguing. I can't put it down honestly, now I say—I'm gonna read all of your books. It's you and I because your writing style is way more than I've ever seen anyone use before.
2024-01-28 18:43:44
user avatar
I absolutely loved this book! I am currently obsessed with everything this Author writes!
2023-10-09 17:15:24
default avatar
Absolutely loved the world you created, the characters you developed and all the beautiful bonds weaved together with magic. A sequel would be awesome!
2023-08-30 08:06:41
user avatar
Miss Nessie
Not a bad book, a few errors and gramma issues, needs to be edited. I would love to see a second book, but that probably won’t happen. The friends characters were a huge part to this book and I would love to see some short stories from their pov, there could be some really good story lines.
2023-07-09 14:29:36
default avatar
Mel T
Really loved this book, so many twists and turns! I was heavily invested in all of the characters involved within the story.
2023-06-03 06:51:02
default avatar
Amanda Re
I I wish there was an audio option for this book, I enjoy listening while I’m driving.
2023-05-19 20:01:34
user avatar
Love the story!! One of my must read authors on GN!
2023-05-03 20:21:31
default avatar
one of my favourite books from this author. definitely worth reading!
2023-04-30 22:41:05
default avatar
Misty Suhoney
OMG YES!!!! I'd be so completely obsessed. I've red every story this author has every wrote... this one is BY FAR the best one and my absolute favorite. I wish I could physically own it because I'd re read it multiple times a year.
2023-03-28 10:24:55
default avatar
Love this!
2023-03-05 09:40:12
default avatar
This book is so good! Ahh amazing stuff
2023-02-28 09:11:44
user avatar
rudyliza mojados
a very good book.. loved it..
2023-01-27 16:15:36
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130 Chapters
Mastering others is strength,Mastering yourself is true power.Lao Tzu*     *     *     *     *I once thought strength was something you were born with. You were either born strong willed, or born weak minded. Just as you were either born good or evil. Black and white thinking kept my mind at ease, helped me to justify the things that happened in my life. I had never thought in grey, I loathed the color. Grey confuses and conflicts the mind. It never crossed my mind that strength is born in troubling times, when you have lost more than you've gained.I was once weak, swayed by the opinion's and comments of those my age. Words pierced my skin, insults ate away at my soul. I was an exposed nerve, navigating our complex world with a constant chip on my shoulder. My story begins in a small town, located in Eastern Texas. My life wasn't full of tragedy. Misery and trauma weren't the cause of my soft-hearted
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Chapter 1
There are four main species in the world, taught to us since we could walk.Humans - With their penchant for building and expanding. Raising buildings high into the sky, rushing around in their business suits with their smartphones glued to their ear.Vampires - Creatures who emerge during the night, humans their source of sustenance. Speed is on their side, allowing them to flit from place to place without being spotted. They live in the darkness and many can become one with it, cloaking themselves.Werewolves - Shape shifters by nature, with the spirit of a wolf living within them. They shift anywhere from ten years old and up. A mate is gifted to them, able to find them at sixteen or older. Speed and strength are on their side. Werewolves reside in a pack, a leader chosen among the masses.Fae - Elusive creatures, incapable of lying. Decades of being forced to tell the truth has made them gifted speakers, able to twist words easily. Not much is known about
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Chapter 2
I woke up that morning and got dressed as though it were any other day. Birthday's no longer felt exciting, but this one felt different.I felt excited for a chance. I knew I'd still spend the day bullied by Atlas and his friends but today was the day I was able to find my mate. It opened new doors for me in many ways. If I found my mate and he belonged to another pack, my Mom and I would move. I couldn't imagine my mate being from this town, as most of the people my age ignored me completely. I combed through my light brown hair, enjoying how much easier it was. A month ago I decided to chop my waist-length hair off, growing tired of how it constantly got in the way. My Mom was supportive and did the deed for me. My hair was no longer getting caught on everything, constantly slipping in my face.Once I was finished, I went downstairs. Mom had stopped trying to cook breakfast every morning. She had burnt so many pans of bacon I had lost count. Instead of cook
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Chapter 3
If I was strong I would've stayed. I would've fought for my mate, used the mate bond to bring Atlas closer. I would have found some way to make him see that I was more important than a girlfriend, as selfish as it sounded. It took me some time to realize how selfish and deluded Atlas had been. He chose Michelle over his mate. His two year girlfriend over his other half. Michelle had a mate out there somewhere. Was she destined to break his heart as mine had been broken?My world had come crashing down with his words. A part of me buried so deep inside broke, spewing out into the world like an unleashed tidal wave. My wolf was howling in my head, making my ears ring mercilessly. I gathered the scraps of my ruined book, clutching them to my chest as I turned on my heel and ran. I didn't notice the other students lingering in the halls, the ones who had witnessed the entire ordeal. The human students would have no idea what happened, but the werewolves wou
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Chapter 4
Mom offered me a ride home, which I reluctantly said no to. My face was red and puffy, aching from how much I had cried in her office. I needed time to think. Being trapped in a car with my Mom would only bring on the tears, and I didn't want any more of those. My body groaned and ached with fatigue, but I trudged home anyway. It was a fifteen minute walk to my neighborhood, giving me too much time to think. The entire scene in the hallway replayed in my head a million times. I thought of every possible thing I could've said, everything I could've done differently.Y'know how something happens to you and after it's done you think of everything you could have said? That was what I was going through. I could've pleaded, I could've simply stepped into his arms and used the mate bond against him. I didn't though, I didn't because I was weak. This fact was beginning to dawn on me, how I lacked true strength.When I made it home, I ran inside and grabbed a noteb
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Chapter 5
Mom drove through the center of town, turning into one of the residential neighborhoods. Every house nearly looked the same. Small and identical, ideal to fit the most amount of people in a small space."It's not as big as our old house." Mom grinned sheepishly, "But it's the best I could get on short notice. The landlord was friends with my Dad.""It's not a problem." I chuckled, my eyes tracing over the small square windows. My eyes were elsewhere. They were trailing over the porch's peeling blue paint. A low whine left Lila's lips as she recognized the similarities. That was one thing that needed to be changed.Mom parked on the curb by the house and popped open the trunk. Her arms were filled with bags as she wobbled down the sidewalk. I must've packed more than I thought. Her arms were overflowing with bags as she tried to carry everything at once. She could hardly see where she was going, nearly bumping into someone."Woah--" A man's voice c
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Chapter 6
Mom came into my room shortly after, letting me know everything with the school was in order. I would be officially starting school tomorrow, the thought frightening yet exciting.I laid in bed that night, picking my phone up to send Kris a text. I ran my fingers over the keyboard, struggling to figure out what to say. Alyssa and I never really texted. We hung out constantly, but rarely ever communicated over the phone. -Me 10:23p.m.'I'm all set for school tomorrow. What time does it start?'-Kris 10:29p.m.'Cool! Starts at 7, be at my house at 6:45' I had meant to send a response, but my eyes were fluttering warily. I fell asleep on top of the covers, my phone resting on my chest. The next morning, Mom peeked her head in the door waking me up in the process."What time is it?" I grumbled, squinting down at my phone."5:30." Mom responded, "Bet you're regretting not taking me up on my earlier offer. You could've been home
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Chapter 7
One Month LaterLiam and I had become the closest out of the entire bunch. Nicki and I had also grown extremely close. She loved that I had no sense of fashion, and allowed her to choose my outfits for me. She often paired me with cute skirts and tennis shoes, or the occasional dress but I didn't mind.In the month I had been here, I had grown more confident. I was now telling jokes with Kris and Dustin, or talking about guys with Nicki and Tyra. I'd often hang out with Liam, who wasn't nearly as grumpy as Dustin painted him out to be.No matter how hard I tried, Atlas was always on my mind. The first two weeks in town were horrible. I would awake in the middle of the night screaming, my insides burning with an invisible fire. Every nerve and cell in my body was screaming in pain. My Mom rushed into my bedroom without fail, soothing me with her words as best she could. After a few days, I finally got the truth from her. The truth broke my heart more than words ever
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Chapter 8
Six Months LaterI often thought back on the talk I had with Beta Ned. He was quite understanding about my situation, clearly seeing himself once in my position. While his words did nothing to lessen the pain, they helped me understand what to expect.I would never feel true happiness--not the way I would if my mate had accepted me. Atlas would always carry a piece of my soul within him, tethering himself to me. Even accepting his rejection would not remove that piece of my soul. Accepting rejection would only dull the mate-bond, making the pain fade as quickly as it had come. There was no taking back that piece of your soul. Once the Moon Goddess picked two mates, they would remain mates for life. Beta Ned asked why I had not fought for Atlas, why I had not tried something else instead of running away. I told him the truth--that I was weak and broke easily. He disagreed of course, but I already knew the truth. Beta Ned told me I might be better off accepting
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Chapter 9
Tyra and I shifted, darting into the woods behind Liam’s house. Lila was eager to stretch her legs, the two of us nearly bursting with anxiety. I was determined to keep away from the fight. We would provide help with evacuation, but fighting wasn’t in my skill set. I just needed to see my Mom, to make sure she was alright. Our paws thundered against the dry earth, twigs snapping under our feet. My chest burned with exhaustion, but I kept pushing forward. Somehow, I found the strength to continue running, even when my legs cried for mercy. Branches whipped across our fur, feeling like velvet across our thick skin. ‘Over here.’ Tyra snapped through the mind link, darting out of the woods and behind one of the buildings in town. The two of us shifted, the warm air lapping against our exposed skin. I had never become comfortable with constant nudity, even after spending my life in a pack. My cheeks burned, but I tried to pay no mind.  
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