My teeth sank into my lower lip as I tried to keep from moaning. My hands found Jeonghan's arm on both sides of me on the bed supporting his weight, careful not to crush me. And I ran my fingers through his silky locks, yanked at the ends when he hit that spot. The one that made me see stars and sparks, made my body shudder and spasm.

'Jeonghan…" I moaned. 'We should…" I breathed heavily. 'Stop."

But he didn't. "I can't, babe." He said panting, and pounding into me, slowly and deeply. This was okay. Dr. Alison said we should do it because sex released prostaglandins, hormone-like substances that are like the medications used to induce labor.

I touched his face and I let out a throaty gasp, then a laugh before remembering we're not in the house alone.

'Josh," I clenched my teeth as I cupped Jeonghan's face. 'Is in the other room."

Jeonghan smirked at me. 'You better be quiet then."

His action became faster and I reached for a pillow and clamped it over my head, hoping Josh
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