Chapter 51: Lauryn

After chasing around Miah all day Sunday, I finally got a decent amount of sleep.  However, waking up this morning for work, I feel like I didn't sleep at all and it's only Monday.  I wonder just how much paperwork will be waiting for me on my desk when I get in.

At least yesterday we brought my car back here, so I wouldn't have to rely on Darren to get me everywhere and we hired a babysitter for Miah to start this morning.  Opening the door to her room, I watch her sleep peacefully and wait for Darren to get back from doing his workout.  When I hear him open the front door, I shut hers carefully as to not wake her and go find Darren.

Finding him in the bathroom, I join him in the shower.  The steam feels so good on my neck and back especially when he comes up behind me and picks me up.  When he places my back against the wall, I wrap my legs around his waist and he kisses me with urgency. 

Feeling his erection poking me in the

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