Her Mother's Daughter

Her Mother's Daughter

By:  Chidot  Completed
Language: English
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Rejected by her rich father, Sarah and her mother Helen moves to a slump where her mother sells her body for bread and drugs. Sold into prostitution by her mother's deadbeat boyfriend at the age of eight, Sarah must guard her true feelings or suffer the consequences. A chance meeting with her father gives Sarah the opportunity she needed for the most brutal revenge. At eighteen Sarah finds the willpower to escape but unfortunately for her, she falls into the trap of a madam that imprisons her, while makings tonnes of money off her. A fire outbreak, a second chance, Sarah finds freedom and meets Kunle. a man determined to show her that true love was possible and existed. A domineering mother-in-law, a secret buried in the sands of time threatens their marriage. Was their love for each other strong enough to withstand the tide or was Sarah willing to throw it all away.

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57 Chapters
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Birth Helen's pov  
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Disowned Helen's povI feel so lost and broken
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Sick Being alive had become more of a nightmare for Helen, with no skill set, and her poor educational background getting a good job was near to impossible.However, she still tried to get herself employment so she could earn a decent amount of money, she left her home early every morning and came back late at night.
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FaintedThe waiting room was bustling with activities when Helen arrived. The gloomy faces of families with their sick one's filled the room. You could feel the alarm, fear, and hope within the hospital.
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SurgeryIt was exactly 4:25 a.m when they wheeled Sarah out of the operating theater into the recovery room. The surgery had lasted for an hour and 25minutes.
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My body
My BodyHelens povI've been dating Jude for the pas
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Threesome The next day being Saturday, Alhaji called me around 7:00 a.m to remind me of our plans for the day. It was really annoying to get a call of a possible threesome so early in the morning and I didn't hesitate to let him know that I was pissed off with him
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DruggieHelen got to the hotel on time and met Alhaji and Ayo and some other ladies who were there with them. They were not in their usual room this time around but in a private suite which was fancier and classy. She wondered what he had planned for her this time around.
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Suicide It was almost dawn when Helen woke the robust body sprawled on her bed.  
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