The Lunch

The next day, Bella manages to be in the office before Asher. She didn't forget to buy the coffee and has perfectly scheduled his day. She has also brought homemade food to prove her boss wrong. She can already feel that today is going to be a great day. She will be unstoppable today.

Few minutes later, Asher steps inside the office, so Bella hurries to go and greet him. She follows him like a lost puppy and enters his office.

"Good morning, Sir."

"Morning Bella."

"Here's your coffee," She places it on his table. He doesn't even say a 'thank you'.

"And here's your schedule for today," She says but he's still busy on his phone. Is he going to say something or not? She waits for five damn minutes.



"Blondie?" Bella speaks out to examine if he's paying attention to her or not. From the neutral look of his face, she can tell that he's not paying any attention.

"Hello, Mr. Ash," She says randomly but bites her tongue because he looks up with the deadliest stare.

"I didn't mean to say that sir."

"Elaborate the schedule I'm listening."

"Yeah. Sure. So you have two meetings today. One of them is in an hour with the Richardsons and the other one is at 2 p.m. After that you need to visit the-"

"Cancel all of them," Asher cuts off her sentence.

"What? But sir," Bella wants to say something but then she remembers the rule, 'never question his decisions.'

"I mean sure sir."

"Good. Now plan a lunch date with my wife." He says looking down at his phone again. She frowns at him realizing he forgot about their lunch plan today. But who's she again. No one. Did she really think Mr. Asher Anderson is going to be friends with her? How stupid! But she woke up at 6 a.m. to cook this damn dish for him. Seriously?

"Sure sir. Any preferences you'd like to make?"


"Okay," She smiles and leaves his office.

Bella goes to her desk to plan a lunch date for Asher and his wife, Jennifer. She decides to make reservation at a cheap restaurant as her clapback. If he asks her anything about it, then she'd reply with "You didn't make any preferences." She's a genius Lord. After planning out the date, she goes to his office again.

"May I come in sir?"

"Yes. I was waiting for you."

"What should i do next?"

"Here," He says placing a huge pile of papers in front of her, "Complete these and make sure to print them out."

Bella gulps down looking at the papers. There's no way in hell she can complete these even in tewnty four hours.

"But sir isn't that too much? I think I'd need two days to complete-"

"I thought you said you can handle everything?" Asher says with a challenging look.

"Yes of course. Of course I can. Watch me do it. Thank you." She breathes out and leaves his room without uttering another word. She'll complete these even if she needs to stay for the whole night here today.

While working on her desk, Bella notices Asher visiting around the whole office to see the employees' works. A part of her feels sad for Jennifer because how does she manage to be with this guy? He's so intimidating and infuriating. Like everything went on pin drop silence as soon as he entered the room. She sighs and looks down at her laptop again to finish the work.

A while later, Asher comes near her desk and checks on her name plate. But she doesn't move her eyes. She can ignore people too and it's not his office room anymore. She has works to do.

"Bella?" Asher says but she acts like she didn't hear him. Giving him a taste of his own medicine. Girl you're not the boss here...

"Miss Jones?" Should I look up now?


"WHAT?" Bella almost jumps in disbelief. Did he just call her redhead?

"So you were listening to me after all."

"N-not this..."

"If you can call me blondie then I can call you redhead as well."

"I'm just I- when?" Bella mumbles not knowing what to say. Don't tell me he was actually listening to me at the office.

"Yes I have heard every made up name that you've given me."

"I'm so sorry sir..."

"Anyways I'm here to let you know that you need to finish these papers today. I won't hear any silly excuses." The nerve of this guy...

"Of course sir. I will try to finish these today."

"Try to?"

"No I will actually finish these today!!!"

"You better do so," He says before leaving the area.

Bella groans and looks at the files again. It's official. She hates this guy.

During the lunch break, she brings out her lunch box to eat the food. She looks at it with sadness in her eyes because it was for someone else. Someone who just makes fun of her existence. She has seen Asher leaving the office half an hour ago. He's probably already at the restaurant with his wife. Now she feels scared for making the reservation at that cheap place. What was she even thinking? She honestly needs to stop acting so rebel all the time.

"Hey Bella," Nick's voice snaps her out of the scary thoughts.

"Oh hey. How are you?"

"I'm fine. Wanna have lunch together?"

"Yeah sure. Actually I brought homemade food. Do you wanna eat em?"

"Of course."

"I actually brought two lunch boxes," She chuckles nervously. Would he think she's weird? "Here you go," She says placing the box in his hands which was supposed to be for Mr. Anderson.

"Thank you. Let's go to canteen to eat there."

"Yeah let's go," She stands up taking her box. At least she has someone to have her lunch with.

"So tell me about you," Nick says while munching the homemade food made by Bella.

She chuckles softly. She starts talking about her dreams, passions and other stuffs. She finds herself enjoying his company a lot. He seems so supportive and excited at everything she says.

"You're really different from other girls."

"Is that a compliment or?"

"Of course. I wouldn't say otherwise. You're really cool."

"Thanks I guess," She shrugs.

"And did you cook this? It tastes delicious."

"Yes. And thank you again." Bella blushes as he showers her with compliments.

"Let me kiss those hands that made this delicious food," He says and she looks at him lifting her eyebrows. Isn't he going too far now? She feels perplexed but gives her hand in his anyway. He lifts her left hand and places a soft kiss on her knuckles.

"MISS JONES," Bella jumps at the sudden noise and looks behind to see Asher standing near them. Everyone from the canteen looks at him being tensed.


Bella stands up abruptly feeling guilty for nothing and decides to follow him.



Nick looks at her being confused as she comes back to take her lunch box from ths table. Poor girl didn't even finish her food.

"Did you mess up anything?" He whispers but she says 'no.'

"Keep the box with you. Finish your food and give it back to me later," She whispers before leaving the canteen to go to Asher's office. She gets questionable stares from others but decides to ignore it.

"May I come in?" She knocks on the door being furious.


Bella enters the office and frowns at him, "How can I help you sir?"

"Give me lunch."

"You were supposed to have lunch at the restaurant with your wife sir," She says with a pissed tone.

"Yeah but I remembered I had agreed on a bet with you today. And my wife didn't show up either so-" How is he acting so chilled about this?

"I have already given your lunch to someone else."

"Well in that case you lose."

"Fine I lose. Can I go now?"

"Giving up so easily?"

"Yes I realized I don't want to have these foolish games with you."

"But I don't want to win so easily."

"That's your problem."

"Right, my problem," He says while taking the food container from her hand.

"What are you doing? These are my leftovers," Bella almost screams out in disbelief.

"I don't care," He opens the box and starts eating the food with the same spoon she was eating earlier. What the fuck?

"Chicken is my favourite," He looks up to tell her. Bella still can't process how to react to this situation right now. Her boss is eating the leftovers with her used spoon and being so casual about this. What the hell on earth?

"Y-yo-you are insane," She manages to let out the words not caring about the consequences anymore. He doesn't say anything. He just focuses to finish the food instead.

"I loved the dish but it isn't better than the ones that our maids make."

"What the fuck?"

"Erm mind your language," Asher says gulping down the water.

"No but what the fuck?"

"Is something wrong?"

"Everything is wrong here. I can't believe this. What the fuck are you on? SIR?"

Asher chuckles and puts down the spoon in the box, "You can call me Asher during the lunch break. Friends, remember?"

Bella gives in and sits down at the couch. This guy is weird as hell. Even wierder than her. First he acts like nothing happened and then few moments later he remembers everything. Is he on drugs or something?

"You know relationships aren't allowed in the office, don't you?" Asher asks her casually.

"No I didn't know about that."

"So you can't date an employee. Example : Nick."

"What gives you the idea that I'd be dating somebody from here?"

"Just letting you know," He shrugs. For the first time today, Bella looks at his features. His eyelashes are so long. And he looks cute when he doesn't have that scowl on his face.

"Thanks for the information. Can I go now? I have works left."

"Yes. Make sure-"

"To complete the works and not make any silly excuses," She completes his sentence, "Will do sir, don't worry." 

As soon as she's about to leave the room, Asher calls her back again...

"Bella...she's cheating on me."

She turns around to look at him being confused, "Who?"

"Jennifer, my wife."


"I need your help... please."

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